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    If I want to offer free shipping on orders over $50 to United States customers only, is that possible? I am using the USPS plugin. So I want International Customers to still pay for shipping but US customers to not have to.

    Also, I want to enable Media Mail on the USPS plugin… I read some tutorial online but where they point to the source code… the source code has since changed and there does not anymore appear an obvious way to do it in sups_20.php.

    And yet one more thing with the USPS plugin – when I try to enable Priority Mail, the change does not seem to stick.

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  • Edward


    Your first 2 questions are better suited for custom development. These aren’t features of the default USPS module. A developer could create you a custom module that would be a better solution than hacking the built in one since when you upgrade you would lose your changes.

    here is a list of prominent WordPress / WPEC developers that may be able to assist you with custom development and design.

    As for the last issue I just tested and I am able to set the Priority Mail option.

    This could be a plugin or theme conflict.

    To test for plugin or theme conflict.

    1. disable all plugins other than the store plugin
    2. enable a default wordpress theme such as 2013
    3. go to Settings > Store > Presentation and click “Flush Theme Cache”
    4. Clear your browser cache

    Now test the functionality of adding an existing file.


    Thanks for the reply Edward. I can probably code it myself; do you know who works on the USPS plugin? I would like to ask him some questions about the code.




    Hi David I would speak to Greg he has done a lot of the shipping modules and would more than likely have the best answer.


    I am also looking at enabling Media Mail for the USPS shipping module.
    However, I don’t quite agree with this being custom development but more along the lines of finishing what was started.

    	 * Houses the list of services available to USPS API.
    	 * The majority is commented out until a proper
    	 * Service->Package map can be created
    	 * @author Greg Gullett (
    	 * @since 2.0
    	function _load_services() {
    		$services = array(
    			// "Online Only *"=>"ONLINE",
    			// "All Services"=>"ALL",
    			__( "Parcel Post", 'wpsc' ) => "PARCEL",
    			// "Media Mail"=>"MEDIA",
    			// "Library Mail"=>"LIBRARY",
    			__( "First Class", 'wpsc' ) => "FIRST CLASS",
    			// "First Class Hold For Pickup Commercial"=>"FIRST CLASS HFP COMMERCIAL",
    			__( "Priority Mail", 'wpsc' ) => "PRIORITY",
    			// "Priority Commercial"=>"PRIORITY COMMERCIAL",
    			// "Priority Hold For Pickup Commercial"=>"PRIORITY HFP COMMERCIAL",
    			__( "Express Mail", 'wpsc' ) => "EXPRESS",
    			// "Express Commerical"=>"EXPRESS COMMERCIAL",
    			// "Express SH"=>"EXPRESS SH",
    			// "Express SH Commercial"=> "EXPRESS SH COMMERCIAL",
    			// "Express Hold for Pickup"=> "EXPRESS HFP",
    			// "Express Hold for Pickup Commercial"=>"EXPRESS HFP COMMERCIAL"
    		$this->services = $services;

    @davecom, have you made any progress in your efforts?

    Not sure if you have come across this in your journey or not, but here is what looks like a very comprehensive plugin to extend the function of the USPS module for WP e-commerce.

    Hey guys,

    I gave up on it to be honest. Too much hassle. Decided to just go with flat rate shipping and that’s that. Sucks… Honestly, the experience battling with the USPS plugin over the past couple of years has been ridiculous.

    If that plugin were $20, or $30 I might’ve bit, but $59 is a bit too steep for my small business unfortunately.

    @davecom, yeah, I read you.
    We are passing this info to our client and seeing if they would like to give it a run to solve their needs.
    If we end up using it and have good results I’ll come back and let you/everyone know.

    @davecom, so the client went for the plugin, and like I promised, here is some feedback.
    It’s simply awesome, almost too many options and items to configure, but the extension is top notch.
    I’d say it’s worth it for how smooth it works once configured.

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