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  • Free Custom WordPress Theme when you buy advertisment space at only $150 USD.

    Why should you help?
    I am selling advertising space on the lid of my new laptop, for all to see! Each space on the laptop lid will cost $150 and will be permanently laser engraved with your chosen advert. I work on the go, so your advert will be seen on the train for four hours plus a day by a host of potential clientele. Aswell as daily exposure, your advert will be on show at yearly conferences, such as Future of Web and PHP London.

    You’re advert will work for you for the life of the laptop; that’s 6 years onwards! Where else can you find that kind of continual advertisement?

    As well as a fantastic advertising opportunity I am offering one of three free gifts as a sponsor.


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  • I admire your initiative. What will you do if you sell/collect revenue for say…. 76 adverts… and your laptop lid will hold only 36 comfortably? Sure, we know you’re a nice guy and all, and you wouldn’t ever sell beyond the allotted space available but… No, Wait. No we don’t. And lets face it, your chosen medium for exposure really isn’t very reliable. (it gets lost, stolen, broken, fell in the river, you had to whack a mugger on the knees with it to save your grandma from certain peril, and laptops are so common that nobody really cares to look because everyone uses one on their commute) And just how close WOULD someone have to be to actually read my ad?


    Might you be better off just selling your theme? Seems like the opportunity for income for you, and return on investment for your… investors… would increase dramatically. Or maybe you could place the advertising on your web site for 6 years plus?

    Good luck to you!

    p.s. Do I get my free gift first? Or do I send the money first?

    Thanks for the Feedback Clayton,

    The Idea was that people would just get a WordPress theme to start with but then i thought why not have everyone that helped engraved on the laptop lid for the world to see.

    I agree what if the laptop gets stolen etc but at the end of the day people haven’t really lost out on much they had a free WordPress theme, design concept or free hosting for a year for just $150 which is very cheap.

    I’m not after making money with the site i just really need a new laptop and thought this would be a great way to help me achieve my goal.

    Oh and you need to pay for your space first :).

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin


    Interesting enough to keep, spammy enough to close the thread. 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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