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  • I just installed the Free CDN plugin, and was hoping it would be a good free alternative to the paid CDN providers.

    Sadly, it only slowed down the loading of my site….
    Then i read the plugin faq, and found this:

    The speed of downloading static contents is 100% decided by Coral servers. Depending on the server status, sometimes it may take a bit longer for the contents to be downloaded. If the performance is not satisfied, you may want to enable the plugin in certain peak times only.

    So, i wonder why people would need Free CDN.
    People use a CDN purely for speeding up the loadtimes of their site.

    If Free CDN slows the site more then it speeds up the site, then i wonder what the positive effect of Free CDN will be.

    I know, i know, it is free, so i should not complain, but still….
    If a CDN does more harm then it does good, then it seems rather useless for me to use it.

    The plugin faq also says, that people, when experiencing problems, only should use the plugin on peak times.
    Are there people that track their website 24/7, so when needed, that they activate the plugin?

      Correct me if i am wrong

    Sorry for the broken English. It’s not my native language. 😉

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  • I think you are correct.

    My understanding of Coral servers is that they were intended to display sites that are overloaded (e.g. slashdotted). I didn’t think that the Coral CDN was designed to serve files *faster* than the original site — just when the original site is unexpectedly very slow.

    I noticed something odd:

    The plugin seems to speed up page load times in Firefox, but slows things down to a crawl in Safari, hanging on the 3rd item to load…

    the plugin does great at what it does — everything is being loaded through the nyud servers. But yes, it’s slowing everything down for me too. Site loads much faster without it. A shame, but you get what you pay for, I guess.

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