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  • jbarrington


    I must admit the mobile product version for my site looked nice, but then I started seeing that you had to pay for for many of the options. It’s turns out their “Free” version is basically a stripped down version of a product they are selling. To me, this comes across more as a demo to me than actually “Free.” Since they did show me a nice looking mobile version site they developed through their main product, I decided to see how much it would be for the full version. I thought that it might be offered as a single priced product. No, it wasn’t. It turns out that you must pay them each month. If I recall correctly, it was about $8 a month.

    Our group website is basically a non-revenue site, so we can’t afford paying this amount over the future years to come.Anyway, as soon as I saw that never ending payment, I knew that I might as well stop messing with this plugin, so I immediately deactivated and uninstalled it… I’m currently looking for something else that is actually free, or at a more reasonable price. I look at having a mobile version of a site as a nicety, but a necessity. I think the developer might not see that. Perhaps this mobile plugin developer may be aiming more towards the high end WordPress website owners, and not towards the majority of people that can’t afford to continuously pay a monthly fee, and that’s a shame. I feel that if they want to charge for their product, that they might gain even more by having a small flat price and having more users of their product. Sort like making more money through volume, than having a smaller group of users that pay all of the time. That’s just my opinion.

    Being a demo product caused it to lose one or two stars. When I saw how much that it would cost over the years it dropped all of the stars. The only reason that it has one star is because it did actually look nice.

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