• It’s kinda misleading to say that this is free software. Sure, the plugin is free but compressing images is not. Only the first 1000 are free, which sounds like alot, but is really peanuts as all thumbs and other versions (can be dozens per image) count towards the total. After that you have to buy credits, that are way more expensive than competitors.

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    Thanks for the review, and to answer you, 1)all plugins that do offsite image optimisation have to be monetised, its not a charity and there are costs associated with running servers 2)we actually go one step further by giving you the option of creating your own cloudinary account, and adding your own API key, giving you 20k images a month for free https://cloudinary.com/pricing with a total of 300 000, all of this with no limitations on size like some of the others do, or restricted QTY/month at 20-100 images free then charge

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    1. I don’t have a problem with it that it’s not free, but just mention that beforehand on the plugin info page, on your website and in the Optimisation.io plugin (that I love btw, although naming it both WP Disable and Optiomisation.io is really confusing). This cost information only appeared after installing the plugin.

    2. I cannot find any information about pricing on your site or plugins, only in the plugin after installing it. There it says only “TOTAL ALLOWED IMAGES OPTIMISATION: 1000”. No mention of anything from the above.

    I have nothing against paying for plugins, I do it all the time. But I don’t like shady communications. Maybe it’s not with bad intentions, but it’s not user friendly to say the least.

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    thanks for the heads up, it was actually in one of the changelogs, but I never added to the main description, ill add that on the next update so its more clear. all the plugins are completely free unless you choose to support us by using us for images, but its totally optional, you can just create a cloudinary account, add API key and done.

    Im working on the WP Disable visuals and one of the things that bugs me is the naming, as you said, its very confusing, so will be fixed soon(ish)

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