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  • Our website has just received a WordPress makeover, the actual site looks *exactly* the same but it now has WordPress behind it so that everything can be *VERY* easily updated!

    Free Bets UKhttp://WWW.THEFREEBETS.CO.UK

    We’re really happy about it, all of the pages are search engine optimized with the SEO plugin that WP provides, we have the ‘Sticky’ option for free bet offers that need extra attention, plus we have separate pages for other site features (obviously we had to make sure only ‘bet’ posts featured on the front page). Also, the Google Sitemaps feature allows me to easily submit every page to Google.

    If anyone has any questions just get in touch and I will help out or send the plugins we used over.

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  • Feels a little spammy to me.

    Why? This is a wordpress showcase forum isn’t it?
    I’m showcasing my forum & in the process offering instructions on how I created it, as well as offering direct help to anyone that needs it.

    It is the “showcase” forum – and, please, act accordingly. By posting here you can expect praise and criticism as well. Do not argue… accept gracefully any comment 🙂

    Well for one thing you put 4 links to your site in two paragraphs that starts to feel a little spammy to me then the site is just ads no real content.

    Right, thanks for your opinion. Very constructive.

    what i really like about your gambling-site is the fact that you postet a link to a gaming-addiction-help-site on the right bottom… written in 10pt. lol.

    if you really want to help, then you can help me over here:

    until then.

    It’s the same size as the ‘Contact’ link and others 🙂

    Your problem is solved now anyway 🙂

    yeah! Haha! and i still like the fact that you put the link on the right bottom. maybe you should put i left side. people look mostly right side first. 😉

    I personally did not like, it looked lil spammy.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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