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  • If you’re looking for more publicity yet can’t afford advertising costs NANimire’s BXC is what you need. Simply make a 88×31 pixel image (we accept *.gif, *.jpg, *.png formats), upload it somewhere, fill out the form, add the BXC code and you are on your way to getting more visitors.*
    The NANimire BXC is a non profit button exchange for everyone to enjoy! All legal and appropriate sites are accepted (this excludes warez, porn etc.). To join simply fill out the form and paste the provided button exchange code on your website and fill in the form with the appropriate information.
    The form and code are located at
    Come on over and join the exchange!

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  • Warez isn’t legal, and I’m sure most of us don’t want a porn exchange banner on our websites (even if we do watch/like it). If you have a banner excluding porn and warez then I’ll gladly exchange.

    That’s what it says right…
    All legal and appropriate sites are accepted (this excludes warez, porn etc.)
    Note the EXCLUDES 😛
    … join 😉

    Gah, I read one thing and see another. Thanks for the correction.

    No problem! 😉
    Join if you want 😀

    Sorry that was me

    (by the way, in msie5 (windows) the calendar on your site breaks the display : the font for the first line and for the “empty days” (those that are not links) is too big so the whole calendar is larger than your right column)

    My fault… I should have tested with older versions of IE. But there’s nothing I can doareally, my site’s is based on CSS and the reason why IE5 does that is because IE5 doesn’t have good css support. You should update to IE6 😉

    IE 5 has one of the worst implementations of css.
    even IE for Mac which is as old did a lot better…
    Tantek rulez 😀

    Me again… I keep on forgetting to log in…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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