• Due to the installation of some starter templates, this SMTP plugin and a forms plugin from the same developer were installed. Initially, there were some concerns, such as the plugin stating certain SMTP services were only supported in the Pro version. No problem there, since it is easy to work around that using the generic SMTP options.

    Recently, the owner of a site running WP Mail SMTP asked me about some emails that *should* have been sent. Since the free version of the plugin does not log emails, there was little I could tell them. I recalled my experience on a few other sites running this plugin where the emails seemed to suddenly stop sending and I had to go in and simply save the same settings again to restore functionality.

    While researching this problem, I learned from many other users that WP Mail SMTP sometimes just quits sending emails. If you open the settings (and just save the same settings) it tends to work for some time but eventually fails again. So it wasn’t just me.

    I searched for a new solution and came across the plugin Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log. Emphasis on LOG. This works perfectly! We could immediately see that the configuration/setup worked and that the email was successfully received by Amazon SES. So far, everything has worked exactly as it should.

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    Hi @boardboss,

    Thank you for giving us your honest feedback. We are really sorry to hear that your clients had experienced issues with emails suddenly not sending via the Other SMTP mailer.

    Usually, cases like these have a root cause despite the issue seemingly being resolved after saving the settings.

    It could be a number of potential conflicts like a server setting from the website host, plugin/theme conflicts, not using the latest version of WP Mail SMTP, and more.

    Also, in most cases, there would have been an error message that appears on the settings page or a full error log could be seen after sending a test email via WP Mail SMTP > Tools.

    Ideally, we would have liked an opportunity to help look into these intermittent issues that you and your clients had experienced.

      Email Logs

    In case it helps to know, while our Lite plugin isn’t able to collect or store email logs, some hosting providers do log emails that are sent out from the sites they host. So an alternative would have been to contact your website hosting provider to ask if they offer this service.

    If you are ever interested in looking into this further, please note that you can use the WP Mail SMTP support forum where we provide limited complimentary support. That would be the ideal location to share details about an issue like this so that we can consider the possible reasons for the issue and offer a solution.

    We do hope to hear back from you if you ever choose to look into this issue again.

    Thank you.

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