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  • Hey Freddy Beach! We’re trying to get a general meetup underway at some point and need to find interested peeps.

    Who are you? Someone who wants to know more about WordPress. Whether a user or developer at any stage, wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with other people who understand what you’re talking about? Right here in the city?

    I’m outside of town, but go to Fredericton at least once a month. Am totally willing to meet up any time, tho late nights are not my fave because of the drive.

    Been a user for years, a dev for the last couple, and author. check out my profile link.

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  • christopherross


    Andrea, let’s setup a simple and informal meeting!

    Any other takers here in Atlantic Canada?

    Yeah I meant to email you this link. 🙂 Here’s hoping we can find some others.



    Hi folks, up here in Campbellton, looking to build my wordpress skills. Do you know of any training offered in the NB/atlantic region?


    Hi Hutchinson, not specific training but there are a few great resources here in the province including Andrea Rennick in Woodstock who helped write the latest WordPress for Dummies.

    Your best bet for tackling the WP learning curve is to just jump right in there and try. If you get stuck, ask questions here in the forums, the IRC channel and mailing lists. Most importantly, take criticism of your code and learn from it 🙂 The most powerful learning tool I’ve experienced in the WP community is the ability to have much better coders than myself look at and critique my work. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll learn.


    No specific training other than grabbing a local developer for some one on one.

    Or a book. :-/ Tho I did co-author the WordPress All In One for Dummies. 😀

    Also we hope to have a WP meetup on Fredericton this october. Right Chris? 😀



    Awesome, thanks for the quick reply.

    I’m primarily a graphic designer, with training in html, asp, etc…did some work with drupal for a while, but have since found that in my region the functionality of a wordpress site is more than sufficient and in many cases easier to admin.

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    Oops, sorry about the link, I’ll brush up on the forum protocol.



    There’s a showcse & feedback forum section I think.

    Rick, we’ve been planning to get together down in Fredericton now and again for local WordPress developers. Nothing formal but a nice way to meet people and shake hands, our last meetup was in August and we’re planning to do another in October.

    It’s a long way to travel but if you’re in the area you’re most welcome to join us.



    Thanks very much, I would definitely be interested! Much appreciated.

    Hi I am a custom Knife maker and I bought the premium package at GoDaddy for a website 999+ pages , 1000gb bandwith, 50GB storage , email and Shopping Cart. I’m not very good with computers and have found putting it together over my head .

    I am a Canadian Forces Vet with 12 yrs of service mostly in 3 PPCLI and have done 3 tours of duty with my last tour in Afghanistan ending May last year then I released due to injuries from service in September last year.

    I don’t have the time to go through the templates and build my site and am looking for a person to help me build it . I don’t have hundreds of dollars to pay since my initial investment was $500. Is there anyone who would like to help build a site which is basically for me to sell knives I make on , take orders and maybe merchandise like hat’s and t-shirts . It won’t involve writing script to much just putting together a professional looking website to show off my knives and sell them. If interested please PM me or email @ [email removed] to discuss payment , design features and content.


    @duffy – please make a new post. This forum thread is for MEETING people in Fredericton, not general WordpRess issues or hiring developers.

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