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  • I am new to this forum and to WordPress. I need to get the word out that there is a site called that comes up first on an internet search for WordPress websites. I thought they are the real WordPress. I paid for them to do me up a site and they have refused a refund, taken my domain and continue to operated using both in their name and they also use the logo. They advertise that the refund will take 30 days, they now say 90 days. They also say that customers will own their domain name, they do not. I am having terrible trouble getting my domain back. I doubt I ever will.

    They told me they were, just the website builder part of it.

    I have reported this to security at WordPress, to Australin Federal Police and IRS but need to get the word out on this forum… any suggestions as the best way to alert consumers of this?
    Shannon W.

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  • As that domain name is in breach of the WordPress trademark policy, please feel free to contact the Foundation about it via

    @esmi: Thank you so much. I wonder how many new people looking to outsource the building of a wordpress site have fallen in that trap! I paid 500 dollars, which I think I can kiss goodbye! 🙁 I have taken your advise and sent a warning to the foundation.

    You can find the domain detail here

    I will suggest you to report it to which hosted their account.

    Thanks Viscosity, will do so now

    @viscosity that is PERFECT! Thank you so much. They told me thy were in the Phillipines! LOL wordresswebsitebuilder also works under that site name as well.

    Just be extra careful with scam site which appeared very much often look legal until someone being a victim. Sorry to say you have paid a price to learn it.

    @vis I will let you know the outcome, but I do not hold out any hope. With the info you sent, they are all over the shop! I just hope WordPress shuts them down from using thier name and logo, if they are frauds!

    FWIW, I’ve also reported this site and ask for it to be investigated with some urgency.

    Thanks esmi. I will report them to Godaddy today. I can not believe that I fell for this!!! I was in a hurry for a support site for an app I developed for iTunes app shop! Te domain name they stole was The poor site is still up. They did a terrible job of knocking up a web site! LOL

    It is a nightmare becuase that is my registered business name here in Australia. I do not even know where to begin to get that back. I have built a wordpress blog as a support site for the app. I should have gone via Vworker or Odesk! I just very confused because their logo and name was almost exact to this one!

    Thanks for all your help!

    that is my registered business name here in Australia

    You may want to get some legal advice on this.

    Esmi, my daughter is a lawyer. she is advising me but international law is very very tough and expensive! She is ironically a lawyer with our internet an media regulatory authority here ( ACMA)…very funny, in a dark sort of way .

    This is the funny side of it!

    Why legal advise?
    The legal advise is usually domain listed under for Australia site. Look at my site which listed under which register with a business license in order to use that domain. Whereas domain using .sg is just a general domain in Singapore which can register by anyone.

    In conclusion if you want to fight over a general domain name and do not waste your time & effort for it.

    Have you looked at appealing to ICANN under the cybersquatting definition?

    Speak of the devil…the customer support person has written me today, only defending her site, not offering anything meaningful like money back or domain name…she is now saying this:
    “”””According to our president legal action is currently being decided by our legal team.
    These charges include:

    We have all server logs, instant messages, and emails logged.
    Nowhere on our website says we are or We are neither, just as our website
    title states we are WordPress Website Builder (
    Here is an article which may further educate you with the law:

    Please do your own research. All our bases are legally covered, on our website you have 30 days
    to request a refund and that refund would be processed within a 90day time-frame. I wont be able to
    entertain any more of your emails. You will be notified of further legal action by email and finalized through
    hard copy via your postal service pending our legal team’s findings.”

    ME: Ironically, they say they will take on an intenational law case at 100’s of thousands of dollars rather than just refund $495.00 and start the domain name transfer. Shannon

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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