• I have 5 days purchased their plugin. All bugs and it’s not developed properly. I asked for some solutions but the support has auto-responses, and based on the preview reviews I believed they will go nowhere with this and I will waste my time.

    I asked for a full refund as this plugin doesn’t fit my needs. They have it clear in Terms and conditions that they will full refund in first 16 days. But no… do not accept to refund and requesting for me a staging of my website, and a list documented of what is not working on their plugin.

    So I’m supposed to work for free for them and tell them all these details, waist many hours, so they can refund me 100$???

    They refused the refund.

    Stay away… nothing will work with this plugin…. and you will waist your time as I did.

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  • Hello Jerina,

    I am sorry that you didn’t receive the service that you expected. The issue your partner (Derek) lodged with us was indeed an issue that was particular to your WordPress environment and in all honesty, would have required a very minor fix.

    Like most SaaS companies, we have a refund policy that holds us and our customers accountable when cases like this occur and in your case, to be honest, you didn’t fully meet the criteria, Jerina. Apart from the 16 days clause (which you clearly meet), the refund policy also states that you give us an opportunity to resolve the issue and should we be unable to provide you with a solution, we would grant you a full refund.

    Knowing that the complaint your partner, Derek, lodged with us was particular to your WordPress environment, we politely requested (and at different times) that you provide us access to your staging site so we could attempt to fix the issue but never got the chance. We also went ahead to assure you that you’d be fully refunded should we be unable to fix the issue in a bid to let you know that we’re not bound or determined to turn your refund request down.

    We’re normally known for our exceptional attention to detail and speedy customer support. We regret that the situation came to this. I want you to know, Jerina, that should you change your mind about our plugin, we would happily work the solution for you, in record time.

    All the best.

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    No, Thank you!

    I am within the terms and conditions, we don’t want you to fix your issues, and no it was not in our WordPress. So you stole my money…

    ***As everyone can see on your demo, the text would get hidden under the image and that is a development bug. The text should be over the image all the time
    *** On mobile you cant resize the text and that is a development bug as well

    You clearly are asking a free debug and wasting our time….

    To everyone reading this… Do not try to work with this company. I ignored other reviews here and lost my time… and mind…

    Good luck with your lies and manipulations

    Hi Jerina,

    I do understand that it may be too late for reconciliation and regardless of the reason, I regret that we got here with you.

    However, I’m afraid your claims about our custom text feature gets hidden under the product image is not true. To prove that, I have attached a short clip from one of our live demos. Here’s a link.

    Bugs are very much normal. They exist in most of the products we count on the most. We do have some, admittedly. And we do our best to squash them so that our products can deliver real business results. What we do not do, however, is steal, manipulate or lie.

    I wish you the best.

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    Not refunding me when I had the right to… is stealing. Keeping me in the loop and losing my time is worst than stealing as it will ruin my business. For everyone reading this stay away. Instead, I will suggest you use “fancy product design”. Working well with it so far.


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