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    i tried to improve the persian translation of the woocommerce plugin and after 8 hours spending for translation, i improved and registered about 60 item,
    but one of the editors of the project has copied all of my translations and registered them with account of himself!
    word by word is the same translations!
    the address of his profile:

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  • Hi
    because i download all string to Edit some and upload it again.
    for solve this matter you send your po file to my slack account.

    خجالت نمیکشی مرد حسابی؟
    دنبالت میگشتم بهت پیام بدم سایت جایی نداشت توی سایت خودتم نخواستم پیام بدم
    دقیقا عین جملات من کپی شده چی چیو خواستی اصلاح کنی
    بیش از 70% ترجمه هایی که من اصلاح کردم ترجمه های ناجور جنابعالی بود
    دقیقا بعد از اصلاحات من اومدی فقط عین جملات من رو کپی کردی و به نام خودت ثبت کردی
    واقعا حرکت بسیار زشت و زننده ای بود

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    1- Please write English. if you know it.
    2- Please write Polite word and stay calm and cool.
    3- I edit other translation string not yours.
    4- Go to translating page and import your translating .po file again. then i approve your translation.

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    *Drinks coffee*

    @babak1983 I get that you are upset but honestly, name calling and accusations isn’t something that works in this community.

    Please assume that it was an honest mistake and follow the step #4 above.

    It seems that was happened in this case was the following:
    • The standard workflow for WordPress translations is that any registered user may suggest translations, just like @babk1983 did.
    • Next, a translation validator, PTE if the person is assigned this responsibility for a limited number of projects, GTE if the person is assigned the similar overall responsibility for a whole “locale” (language version of WordPress), will validate these translations in the online interface. The validator has three buttons: Approve, Reject and Add new. the Add new button will throw an error if nothing was changed.

    Here, however, the validator did the validation off-line, by exporting the pending translations as a po-file and checking them locally. Afterwards, the translation was uploaded back to the on-line system. Unfortunately, in this case the system is currently not “smart” enough to give credit to the original translation author.
    I hope that sometime in the future the system will be able to track such cases and give credit correctly in those cases the uploaded translated string is identical to a previously suggested translation.

    In the meantime, I want to thank @babak1983 for uncovering this issue and also for your contribution to the WordPress project. I’m certain that @cg-team had no intention whatsoever to steal any credit. It’s more about finding as effective ways as possible for the volunteer work we do here. There are so many thousands of strings to translate, that it’s almost an impossible task, even for locales with large translator teams to always keep everything up to date.

    /Tobi (Fellow translator, working with Swedish)

    i uploaded the .po file but you didn’t approved it yet

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    @m0h4mm4d Don’t re-open old topics and ping users that way. If you need support then without linking to anywhere else, please create your topic with your own details.

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