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  • bgnm2000


    Hey everyone,
    This is my third wordpress site, making it for my fraternity. I’d love to hear any thoughts/suggestions etc.


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  • Root


    I have seen some that are worse visually.



    well that was insulting

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Ouch. Cold.

    But Root’s right. The white on the bright blue doesn’t work.
    Well, for that matter the black on the bright blue doesn’t work.
    And for that matter, the bright blue just doesn’t work.

    I’d either lighten it up or darken it down. Then pick a dark or light color for all your text. Right now, all colors will be difficult to read and hard on the eyes.



    There are good bits to be fair to him. Logo and the blue i actually like. Times new roman (or whatever it is) is a no-no for me. And i’d do away with the use of black text all together.



    Hi yeleek, thanks for the positive comments.

    the font is georgia 🙂

    which is funny because if you look at this very web site, it is also designed using georgia font

    do you have any color suggestions for the black font?



    @bgnm2000 people who post their stuff here expecting very experienced web developers to go *ooh aah that is lovely* are just plain daft. Properly understood frank appraisal is your best friend. You should value it.



    Root, thank you for your comment. While I do appreciate you voicing your opinion, the manner in which you did it (the first time) was uncalled for.

    On the same note, after viewing your web site, it is difficult for me to value your opinion when I don’t think you are an experienced web designer in the least.

    I am experienced (8 years), and own my own web design firm ( I have designed other word press blogs before – & (among many other web sites).

    Therefore when I post a web site that I am in the process of building, I’m not looking for people to say “oh I love it!” I’m looking for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. And not someone just telling me I don’t know the first thing about web design.

    Learn some manners.



    But was does jerking off for 8 years make anybody except a jerk.





    the blue is too bright
    the white text is too bright on the blue
    the large fonts are too large (are these frat boys blind?)




    thanks for the input, do you think I should make the background a darker shade of blue, or a paler (not brighter) shade?



    I, personally, would try a bit darker shade and see how that feels.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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