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    Hi there Ash,

    The multisite that I built using the plugin as an invoicing machine started to play up today and throw an error when viewing the PDF or trying to email the PDF.

    Here is the error in which I hope might shed some light on what I can do to resolve this. Of all days to happen. it is the day we are training the user how to create invoices.

    Warning: fopen(/home/chome/public_html/wp-content/plugins/invoice-king-pro/includes/../../outputs/4.pdf): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/chome/public_html/wp-content/plugins/invoice-king-pro/packages/fpdf/fpdf.php on line 1075
    FPDF error: Unable to create output file: /home/chome/public_html/wp-content/plugins/invoice-king-pro/includes/../../outputs/4.pdf

    Hopefully you might know what I can do get past this… I have read all the other posts here in the support forum, and have seen a suggestion to make the /includes folder writable. I had it at default 755, then changed it to 775, and then 777 (each not helping)



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  • Hi Ash,

    Any assistance on this will be very much appreciated, the site is now live and we will have the end users test out the invoicing, but with the invoicing not being able to send email PDF invoices or even create PDF invoices is a bit of a worry.

    Thank you for all your support thus far to get the project to where I needed to.


    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hey Ciaran,

    Sorry, I wasn’t notified of any support posts, which I normally am so I don’t normally check.

    Definitely a weird issue. If the folder exists and the folder is 777 then it should work.
    That path doesn’t look right though as the “../../ is going back to the plugins folder then looking for ‘outputs’ which isnt right. It should only be ‘../’

    As a quick fix you could put in an ‘outputs’ folder in the plugins folder, or modify the pdf.php file and remove one of the ../’s

    What theme are you using there?

    Let me know if the above fixes it.

    Hi Ash
    I left a message via the website about unable to load theme, but fortunately I managed to.
    My problem is now identical to that already reported here. Ie, invoices are generated correctly but does not open in PDF format or via email. I’ve tried changing permissions, but without success, and I ask your help. The theme we are using is Default with Logo.
    We await a response.

    The message that appears is: FPDF error: Alpha channel not supported:

    Hi Netwave,
    I managed to get my issue solved fairly easy by removing my plugin completely, reinstalling and then reconfiguring. I saved a screenshot of all our changes so I could easily replicate the site settings.

    The issue that caused this is I went into the core files of the plugin and commented out many things that I didn’t need to see on the admin area. One of the things I commented out was one of the settings tabs since I didn’t want the end users to be able to change the settings I have saved for them. Commenting them out meant it would break the flow of the required fields for the PDF.

    My fix was then to add a new class to the fields/tabs that I didn’t want to show and then simply hide them in CSS. Hopefully this helps you if you have gone down this path as I have.

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Netwave,

    Unfortunately your error is not identical to the one listed here and in future should have a new thread started for it.

    To answer your question though, its no where near as complicated as what cmwwebfx lists above, nor will it help the error you posted.

    Plain and simple, FPDF doesn’t support “PNG” files. To fix the error you posted above, simply upload a jpg version of the image your using.

    Please try that and let me know.

    Ahh sorry Ash, I hope I didn’t just make things worse with my reply. If so, please feel free to delete the reply if you can?

    I think from what I wrote might help anyone come against this issue if they went down the complex path I did.

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hey Ciaran,

    All good mate, as you said, your reply would help those in that situation, problem was that this isn’t the same situation and shouldn’t have hijacked your thread. Sorry about that. Cheers for helping out with the reply though!

    Actually, looking back over what the issue was and your fix for it, I’m not sure I understand how hiding fields with display none helped your pathing problem?

    When I commented out some of the sections (some settings tabs) in PHP //
    this caused an issue for the PDF and email to stop working. As soon as I uncommented a few lines it all worked as expected. So all I did was add an outer wrap to each element I wanted out of site and simply added <div class”hide-me”> to these. it did the trick, and didn’t effect the PHP running. A bit of a hack, but worked a treat.

    The fields I targeted was the row settings.

    For others that may come across this, my use case on this plugin was to run an invoicing engine by using this plugin only on a complete multisite install so that each user/microsite created ha a full functioning invoicing online platform. A simple one at that, and works beautifully.

    Thanks for the replies left here, actually was very imples, and as Ash said was enough to change the format to JPG image and doLogo longer worked properly.
    Having said that I configured Plugin for bills and running, and soon when inaugurating this new website we can now use it in our invoices.

    Just wanted to ask a question. Is it possible to include an Invoice algcódigo to incorporate a reference to payments?

    My compliments and thanks.

    Word: CODE



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    @netwave: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic.

    This 3 month old topic has been resolved.

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