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  • Hi there,

    What do you say, is there a possibility to use Foundation 4, Compass and Sass for WP theme development? Which would be the best way to get there ?

    Many thanks !

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  • I’ve used the basestation theme which is built on Foundation 4, though it doesn’t include the whole kitchen sink baked in. I believe it only includes the css files, so you’d have to do some work to get your pre-processor to spit out foundation stylesheets in a way that plays nice with the theme. It’s not 100% but at least a good start?

    I’d love to a see a WordPress theme with a more integrated Foundation 4 workflow too. I wonder if there are others floating about.

    Lee Honeycutt


    The best implementation of Foundation 4 in WordPress that I’ve seen so far is Anthony Wilhelm’s Reactor:

    You’ll need to update the foundation.min.css and foundation.min.js to the newest versions. And yes, you can use Sass on a child theme, but only to control the child overrides or additions.

    you’re kidding…that’s the best!!? wow…

    Oh, that’s great!

    We could also use WordPress SASS ( ) , write the rest of the files in SASS and keep the Foundation4 untouched.

    I’ll add the full SASS functionality to this theme and share it.


    @youknowjake – We agree. The challenge is to create a workflow that allows updating both the theme and Foundation, while being able to use SASS/SCSS in development of the websites.

    @alpinelakesdesign – Reactor does not include the SASS/SCSS. We see that as a big negative. WHen asked Anthony’s response was:

    At this time, I don’t use SASS on a regular basis. However, it is something that I’ve thought about adding in the future.

    Lee Honeycutt


    @summit – no, the theme doesn’t include SASS/SCSS, but you can certainly use SASS in your child theme. I personally think that ZURB should take on the task of creating a working WP theme for Foundation, especially now that it’s gone to 5.0 today. Anthony’s done a great job with reactor, but the workflow you’re talking about is going to take some doing.

    And yes, @hash73, the best… wow.

    @alpinelakesdesign – we are using SASS in child themes, but that is insufficient.

    I was down at Zurb last week, working on F5 pre-release, and told them just that. They do not seem inclined to do so.

    Have you heard of Reverie? It’s based on Foundation and was just updated to version 5. Comes with SCSS and should work with Compass:

    We have heard of and tried Reverie. Unfortunately the new version 5 has a bug – missing a comma on line 95 of functions.php.

    Destroys your confidence when a theme provider releases a theme without even making sure it will load. Even if it is free.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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