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  • Hi there, thanks for the plugin 🙂

    I ran through hundreds of images which after a migration were not visible in the medie view.
    At first it looked good but soon I discovered that some images were registered but did not appear in media overview. The file is on the server, has been logged and can be found by name when making a search in media library but when viewing default all images do not appear?
    Also, when filtering by specific folder, e.g. july 2015, it also doesn’t appear?

    Any suggestions?

    * Get the date/time of the file, and updated based on it. Change it if necessary.Get by priority if there is date and time of the Exif information.
    * Usual selection. It is user-friendly. It displays a thumbnail and metadata. It is low speed.
    * Recursively search files below specified directory.
    * Usual selection. It is hi speed.
    * Search by folder year, e.g. wp-content/uploads/2015

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I hope you can look into this.
    Should I run it again or check in the database for the media file or …?

    Plugin Author Katsushi Kawamori


    I don’t understand.
    Please detailed explanation and screenshots.

    Well, some of the images can be viewed in the media library. Others cannot, however they are there because when I make a filename search they appear.

    I can give you login and an image name you can experiment with?

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    Hi, I just uploaded an example:
    The b&w image olie3-BW.jpg does not appear in the image library but when I make a search for ‘olie’ it appears?

    It makes no difference if I select the specific folder for july 2016.

    Plugin Author Katsushi Kawamori


    It seems that it is registered normally. I do not know what you are worrying about.

    The image ‘olie…’ may now have been registered since I’ve been viewing and moving it.
    Many other images cannot be viewed through the media library unless you know the name of the file (and make a search)! E.g.: zj.jpg is not visible when browsing the media library. Only when I make a specific search it appears. Same with 24mx.png.

    In WordPress you are normally able to see all images in the library but after using your plugin it only gives me a subset.

    Would it be possible to force af restart of the image registration in order to provide af solution?

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    Plugin Author Katsushi Kawamori


    What you are worrying about is not related to “Media from FTP”.
    Please look at the List View in Media Library.

    I’ve worked with WP for a decade and do know how the library works 😉

    However, I’m always careful if I’ve missed something but it seems that you don’t understand and I can’t make it more clear the error I’m experiencing.

    I’ll have to find another way out but thank you for your time.

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