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    I’ve looked EVERYWHERE in WP and NOWHERE is the “Exclusive Properties…” text. You “see” the text on the “home” page of the website but it’s nowhere in WP. I figured out why there’s a blocked image on the home page – the web designer “Goldman Development & Design” (now belly up) inserted code that points to the “demo” site he created on his side. I tried to figure out how to revise it directly in HTML but that didn’t happen.

    I just want to take out the bad link that’s getting error messages and send insert one of my uploaded images to WP. If there was ANYTHING in WP for this header and image, I could change it there but there isn’t and no matter what I do with Elementor, Block or Classic edit, it never changes. HELP ME PLEASE.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • So, how bad was the earthquake down your way?


    That code for Exclusive Properties should be inside your template files and should look like this…

    <div class="hero-text">
    <h1>Exclusive Properties</h1>

    The above is right under this with the broken image…

    <div class="hero-logo">
    <img src="">

    Just replace the image with a logo if you have something but I did find the logo I think was supposed to be there on your site also…

    <div class="hero-logo">
    <img src="">

    Just cut and paste the above in if you want…

    Also, The text below the ‘bridge image’ says ‘Isle of Plams’. While you’re in there you probably should fix that. That looks to be embedded there in the theme also about 3/4 the way down… Line number 400+ there abouts.



    When I go to Templates in WP, there is nothing there.
    When I go to Pages and look at the “Home” page, the “Exclusive Properties” text isn’t showing, no images, except under Banners where it shows the bridge & waterfall and now corrected “Isle of Palms” and “Saluda” – nothing with the “code” – not on Classic Edit or Block Edit – and Elementor edit does nothing.

    I saw all of the code you mention above BUT ONLY when I go to my website and right click “inspect” – I tried to replace the designer-demo-pointed https with the one that goes to my wp upload image but since there’s no way to “save” that change when I’m in “inspect”, it doesn’t “stick.”

      If there’s a way to “save” that in “inspect”, PLEASE let me know.

    [Thanks to looking at the code with “inspect” and seeing the word “gallery” I was finally able to figure out where the “Our Advantages” images are in WP – I was hoping maybe there was something there for the issue above but I don’t see anything. At least in Galleries, I see “Gallery Code” on the right – there isn’t a corresponding box on Pages.]

    Yeah, I saw that you fixed that ‘Isle of Palms’ text earlier this morning.

    No, you can’t use the inspector to edit the page files.

    Let’s see… Try this…

    Using FTP or your web host’s file manager (might be in your hosting Control Panel)…

    WordPress directory –> wp-content –> Themes –> Look for a directory under themes with your theme’s name in it and open that! I think the theme is called ‘RMH45’ but not 100% sure. The actual file should be something like index.php under that theme’s directory.

    Your web host may need to guide you through that process if you can’t get in there or edit it.

    Also, I run a plugin called WP File Manager which you might consider adding instead of using FTP and a text editor.

    Elementor might be able to edit that file also… I don’t know as I don’t use those types of editors myself but I’d expect them to do so in some fashion.

    I did give you the code you need to drop that logo in that I found via a cut and paste if you wish to use that.

    You may want to make a backup of that site before you go editing the files. I thought I saw a backup plugin there earlier but now I don’t so I recommend a backup copy of at least any file you plan to manually edit.

    Your web host may be able to help you with backups also.

    Let us know if you need anything else.



    So it sounds like the web designer did something in wp-content that I can only access using FTP, which means I have to get FileZilla or something to get to FTP and then I have to hunt it down that way.

    What a jerk move for the designer to make it so I can’t just go into WordPress and revise the Page there.

    I’m doomed.

    It isn’t all that big a problem really. I would look at a file manager within your web hosting or see if Elementor, which you seem to know somewhat, might do that for you. And I gave you the code to swap out if you want to use that.

    Also, that ‘file manager’ plugin I recommended might be fine for what little you’ll need it.

    Your designer made one little mistake that probably didn’t show up until he ceased business and shut down his own server(s).

    If nothing else, you might ask to hire someone at who would jump in there and do that for you. Or a local web guru, friend, or relative.

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