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  • While working on my site for the larger part of the day, I found it so much easier to do all my editing through Theme Editor. From my end everything looks lined up, etc.

    Does anyone know of any of the disadvantages of doing all editing this way?

    Should I be on the lookout for issues to come up with my site?


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  • I have used the theme editor since WP first included it and so far have had no problems. Same goes for the plugin editor.

    There are two disadvantages that I can think of:

    (1) You aren’t making backups before editing the files. If you don’t have backups, it’s going to be hard to undo changes, unless you keep a detailed log of the the changes you make.

    (2) A text editor designed for coding will give you handy features like auto-indenting, syntax highlighting, and line numbers. I like Crimson Editor, myself, which also has a built in ftp utility for remotely opening and saving files.

    if you love IE and simply must use it, you can still install FF for the sake of modifying the css for styling with the web developer plugin which makes life soooooooo much easier. plus you only edit the css virtually and can revert back to the original at anytime or save the changes and upload it to your site. nifty

    FF is on my to do list. I’ve just finished up a two month project that kept me away from my home office. Now that I am back, my to do list is longer than my arm. Plus I am a creature of habit and have a difficult time approaching changes such as learning a new browser.

    I’ve heard many good things about it though!

    As a precaution — and this may be VERY old school, but it works. I copied all the code directly into a word document where I can simply copy and paste it into the Theme Editor. I date each copy that I save.

    Until I figure out another way errr should I say make the time to learn another way, so long as it won’t cause problems with my site, I’m happy for now.

    1 big project down — 200 more to go.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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