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    I found a website that uses Fotomoto that inserts a Buy button into MetaSlider, and was hoping someone can tell me how to do that?

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  • Hi @algerpixel,

    I imagine it would take some custom coding outside the scope of the free support forum. Do you have a link to the other site? I can try to see how they set it up.

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    I only have an outsider’s view, as my client feels this site would be her competition, and therefore does not want to reach out to her for advice..

    See: http://photography.rebeccaspiker.com/gallery/recent-additions/watercolor

    Thank you for replying to this thread.

    PS: Yes, we may well end up paying for the Metaslider gallery; but we are hesitant ‘since we do not know if it will be compatible with Fotomoto before we spend my client’s hard-earned dollars on it.

    My client (this morning) also had a new concern about MetaSlider – although it’s beyond the scope of this thread; I thought I would mention it. This might be cause for us to reconsider MetaSlider all together.

    She wrote me:

    ” Love the fade!! I’ll have to play with it some more.

    Gripe: When resizing width, it doesn’t automatically resize height to retain aspect ratio of image (don’t want images cropped visually) ”

    Perhaps you have a better recommendation to add for us to consider as an alternative? We are looking for an easy to manage, beautiful and configurable Slideshow / Gallery WordPress plugin that is compatible with Fotomoto.

    Thanks again for any thoughts, feedback, and/or suggestions.

    Hi all,

    Derek from Fotomoto here – I just wanted to chime in about what it would take for Fotomoto to work with MetaSlider. First I would suggest just giving it a try: create the Fotomoto account and install the Fotomoto plugin for WordPress, and see if the Buy links work on each slide in MetaSlider.

    If that doesn’t work, Fotomoto can be made compatible with fairly minimal JavaScript. This is something to consider adding as a feature to the plugin, as it easily enables e-commerce for the users. Here is an article about how it’s done, Integrating Fotomoto into an image gallery, and just let us know if you need a hand with anything.

    Also, please note that we’re happy to feature MetaSlider on our list of compatible plugins once we’ve verified it works as expected.

    Let us know if we can be of any other assistance.

    Derek at Fotomoto

    Hi @algerpixel,

    Derek (@fotomotoderek) may have answered your first question, but to state it again, you could just try entering the buy button into the caption textbox. It supports html tags, etc so that might work.

    If you need something more dynamic it might require the pro version, which includes support for custom post types too. I’m not sure if this is the case, but f you have more questions about the pro version, contact our pre-sales department (WP doesn’t like us discussing commercial products here). https://www.metaslider.com/contact/

    For your second inquiry, there’s a setting to make sure the slideshow will stretch to 100%, and the images should keep their ration, so if they aren’t, then there might be a bug. Do you have a link to a test page?

    @fotomotoderek, I’ll look into what it takes to get the two plugins working together. I’ll let you know, thanks.

    Hi @algerpixel,

    As a quick follow up, it seems as though Fotomoto will add a buy button to every image on your site automatically when you have their plugin installed. I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t include the slides you create.

    Were you not experiencing this?

    Hi @algerpixel,

    I’m going to mark this as resolved as we didn’t hear back, but please feel free to comment or open a new issue if needed, thanks!

    @kbat82 Regarding Fotomoto working with MetaSlider, I’d like to test it and see if it will work by default. I assume it might not as our script will try to insert a “Buy” link for the visible “active” image, but likely needs to be told which image that is.

    We’d be happy to test it on our end if you can provide an evaluation copy to us, otherwise maybe we could get Fotomoto set up on a test gallery that uses MetaSlider. If it doesn’t work, the article I provided above explains the basics about making it compatible. We’re happy to work with you on this to make sure that our mutual customers can use Fotomoto with MetaSlider.


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