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  1. cocopops
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    I am experimenting with this site http://www.karolinabrock.com .

    I have used the fotolio template for this site and im trying to change it a bit.

    Right now, you can see the recent posts on the frontpage as thumbnails. And if you go to the category page: http://karolinabrock.com/?cat=3 you see the thumbnails for all the posts within this category. Once you click one of the thumbnails, you come to the post, and the post only.

    My idea is this: once you CLICK on a thumbnail post from category name "HT10", you will come to the post-page BUT STILL see the thumbnails for all the posts within this category on the rightside. So it will become like a photogallery, but you will see all the thumbnails on your side all the time.

    How can i make this possible? I dont know how to figure it out ?

    Please can someone help me?

    Thank you very much!!!

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