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    You can either enter the text you want into the TOS dialog (under the “Dialogs” tab in the plugin’s settings), or if you create a page and want to use that, then you can use the TOS shortcode in the dialog box to define where that page is (see:

    sorry, but this is not working for me (no link showing up, no option for it)

    where do i have to put the shortcode

    [wp-members page=”tos” url=””]

    exactly? cant find the right place for it

    or if there is another way to put the link for the tos…

    im pretty sure there is some plugin problem, i put the shortcode as well as plain text in TOS dialogue box but no link is appearing…

    I see this topic is resolved without the original poster mentioning he has reached a solution so I want to make sure a solution can be reached.

    Here are two approaches on where to put the shortcode in a page.

    1. Access the backend and click on Pages -> Add New. Then just drop in the shortcode.
    2. If you want to use PHP code, create a PHP file and use the following code:
      <br />
      <?php echo do_shortcode('[wp-members page="tos" url=""]') ?><br />

    If you need further help, do not hesitate to make an inquiry.

    first of all…your 2nd step is missing, iif there is any

    but…nope. it doesnt work..

    im not sure u understood me…in the registration there is a checkbox and text of ToS but NO Link…I dont know where it has to be in to work…

    Your idea and all other tips are not working 🙁

    as u can see here

    Tos is highlited and linked! Thats waht i want but no way to get it…

    Do you have a link to the website you are working on so I can take a look at the front end of the page?

    The AGB stands for ToS in German…as you can see no link…

    I tried to load the page, but it is taking forever (literally) to load.

    strange…for me its working

    Still not loading.

    By the way, did you follow Chad’s first advice? He said, “You can either enter the text you want into the TOS dialog (under the “Dialogs” tab in the plugin’s settings).” Did you try that?

    of course!

    btw i dont understand why its not loading

    try this and then go to register

    I tried to load that very URL, but still not loading. I even tried Your website and it wasn’t loading.

    lol for me and some friends its actually working…crazy thing

    I just tried again and it is not loading. Oh well. If it every has a mind to load, I’ll take a look.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    There are a number of problems here and the entire thread has gone off the rails…

    @respectyoda – I appreciate your willingness to help. However, the solution you suggested here is incorrect. The TOS page shortcode does not work the same as other page shortcodes in the plugin. It is a very specific shortcode and is only for use within the TOS dialog setting found under the dialogs tab in the plugin’s options. If you use it on a page or within do_shortcode, it is not going to parse.

    @ivan_vl – I am making an educated guess that your problem is you are not using the most recent version of the plugin. I see that you are essentially locking down the entire site and directing to wp-login.php for both login and registration. Note that while you can set things up that way, it’s not really the intended function of the plugin to operate the registration on the backend. The plugin does have functionality for that, but it’s not as clean. If you are not using version 2.8.7, then you need to update to that and see if you still have the same problem. Prior to 2.8.7, support for registration via wp-login.php was extremely limited.

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