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    New to the blogging world hereโ€ฆ in February, I went through Google to get a domain name – it took me to Go Daddy and I opted for the private registration to hide my personal info, through Domains By Proxy. When I log in to Go Daddy, it doesn’t show my domain. When I log in to Domains By Proxy, it says “Registered at Google Inc.” – but I want change my blog from Google Blogger to WordPress. I understand that I can download WP to Go Daddy, but it’s looking like my domain doesn’t even exist there (?)

    Do I HAVE to cancel the privacy to get this out of Google Inc.? I was considering switching to iPage all together, to have iPage host WordPress.

    Can someone guide me?! Should I just cancel the privacy and move everything to iPage? Or run WP from GoDaddy once it’s not private anymore?

    OR – better yet – can I cancel the Google registration with Domains By Proxy and transfer that withOUT losing privacy?? What would you suggest?!

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    I’m not familiar with the specifics of Google’s Registrar and iPage, but the basics are all still the same.

    First, do not cancel your domain registration! You will lose the domain, the registrar will hold on to it as long as they want to, and someone else may register it before you get the chance to re-register it.

    Now, you’ll need to get into Google’s registrar controls in order to move or transfer the domain. I don’t quite know where that is, but you definitely have to do that since Google is your registrar. If they were reselling through GoDaddy, you probably registered the domain with Google Apps. According to one of their support docs, there should be a Domains tab in your Google Admin Console:

    Once you’ve made it to the domain controls, you can do one of two things:

    1. Change the name servers to point to iPage (you’ll get these from iPage) and leave the domain registered with Google. You don’t need to disable private registration to do this.

    2. Or, disable private registration and transfer the domain to iPage (if they accept incoming domain transfers) or another domain registrar.

    You should be able to find documentation for both of these at Google somewhere (for being the search giant at they are, I’m having a terrible time using Google to find documentation at Google).

    Normally, I’d suggest staying with your registrar and just changing the name servers, it’s less hassle and it takes less time. However, the past several minutes of trying to find support docs for Google domains would personally lead me to transfer it to another registrar, one that’s really setup to be just a domain registrar so they do it really well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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