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  1. mischl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Why doesn't WP have a simple, single control that changes the reverse chronological order of posts to forward chronological order? I see HUNDREDS of questions on the Internet about how/where a writer can create a forward-reading blog. WP can do it (so it appears), but it looks like a person has to be a programmer to accomplish it. Sorry, but I'm not going to tackle learning to code in order to write a blog. Give me a single check box that says (a) Newest Post First or (b) Oldest Post First.

  2. Sorry, but I'm not going to tackle learning to code in order to write a blog.

    Really? That's a shame because it would be just one line inserted in the header and you'd learn something about the inner working too.

    Or look for and install a plugin. Some of them look really promising for what you want to do.

  3. mischl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    That sounds sensible, Jan, and I'd be willing to do that. However, from the reading I've done, there are paragraphs of code to insert. And I've found multiple suggestions with different code, and for every suggestion there are people who say that it doesn't work...or doesn't work right. All this from reading blogs, mind you. Furthermore, I don't even know where or how to insert code. It seems there's this whole programming paradigm that I need to learn, which I resist. Doesn't it make sense to make an idiot-proof control for us Luddites?

  4. Doesn't it make sense to make an idiot-proof control for us Luddites?

    That's up for a debate but this is a "How-To and Troubleshooting" section of the forum. We're all pretty good here with "This may fix your problem" answers. ;)

    Not wanting to get into PHP code is fine and I don't think there is anything wrong that. You just want to blog and get on with creating content.

    A plugin would make it easier for you to set the post order if you are unable or don't want to modify PHP files.

    As to having that as an option in WordPress... in my opinion* that's just not a common enough issue or problem. It came up for you and others but the modification is straight forward and some of those plugins I referenced above look really well done.

    *Note: I am not a code contributor or a developer, just another WordPress end user. Like everyone else I'm just a beneficiary of other peoples generosity with their code.

  5. mischl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Okay, since this is a How To section, can somebody inform me where I find the code that I have to add, that is, code known to work? And then--where to go and what to read to know how to add such code? Or maybe there's a section devoted to Total Newbie Dumbasses like me? What the heck, I'm willing to learn, but so far it's been rather daunting. Thank you for your help.

  6. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago #

  7. It's come up before so I'll just jump ahead.

    Visit this Pastebin.com link. http://pastebin.com/EVzURUP0

    Click on the download link and save the file reverse-post-order.php.txt.

    Rename that file reverse-post-order.php (less the .txt extension).

    Upload that to your wp-content/plugins and visit your dashboard.

    Activate the new plugin named "Reverse the query to ascending order".

    Enjoy reverse post ordering.

  8. Is this your blog? http://quiescentmind.wordpress.com/

    Cause wordpress.com and wordpress.org are different feathers.

  9. mischl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Yee gods...that's another variable I didn't know about. Yes, the http://quiescentmind.wordpress.com/ is mine. I didn't know about the .org possibility. Jan, does your plug-in work on the .com platform? (I have downloaded it, and I'll try to install it today.) --Ed

  10. Nope. WordPress.COM doesn't support plugins.

    Sorry to say it but you are in the WordPress.ORG forum. You really want to post questions about your WordPress.COM blog at http://en.support.wordpress.com/ instead of here.

    Give this a read, it explains the difference between the two.


  11. And for this issue in .com you cannot reverse the order of the archive pages.

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