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  • Ok, this doesn’t have squat to do with WP – but it does with this site. I noticed it last week, but thought it was my computer being insane. But it’s happened several times today too.

    Anyway, whenever I reply to a thread, Nothing appears to happen. The first time it happened I clicked to post again and THEN the page reloaded and I saw that I’d posted twice. *scratches head* I’m not sure what’s wrong. But is anyone not me having this strange problem? Do I need to change something, like clear my cache?

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  • The site is obviously going through growing pains, and displaying this in a number of ways. I haven’t seen what you’re describing, but I have no doubt it’s due to this.

    ‘k, I won’t worry too much then. Thanks, hon.

    definitely a problem that occurs in opera. i just refresh 5 seconds after pressing the send post button. used to be a problem with IPB as well till the time they fixed it in version 2.0

    Are you STILL using that silly browser?
    <ducks under desk>

    yeah i am. and i am loving it. firefox has gone from bad to worse for me here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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