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  • Is there ever going to be a sticky put up about this with ANY sort of info? I specified this as a question for a Mod/Admin seeing as they’re likely the only ones capable of making a sticky.

    Things that would be helpful for people to know:
    – How long before we can stop having to use workarounds to find our posts?
    – How long until the problem is actually fixed? (I’m sure people using similar forums on their site would like to know when they can consider it relatively secure again… also I understand that if you have no clue where the problem is then an estimate will be hard to determine.)
    – How long until we’re able to change our password to something useable/memorable?
    – What, if anything, is being done to mitigate these problems? (Besides just shutting off profile access for new users. Though that information should be included as well.)
    – What, if anything, are the qualifiers for a new member to be considered no longer new?
    – Where, if anywhere, can new members delete their account if this is truly an issue for them?

    Seeing as how posts on this topic go back about a month now, I’d imagine ‘something’ must have been accomplished… Instead of leaving us all in the dark how about shedding some useful light on the situation for everyone? A sticky would at least help catch some of the ongoing new posts from people who’ve just signed up and not seen the posts about this, seeing as how they came here for their own problems and probably didn’t look at these posts as they were irrelevant to their problems at the time.

    Thanks in advance for finally giving us something to work with! =)

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  • I eagerly await an answer for this. It is driving me nuts. I don’t post in the forums much, really not at all, but I have a couple of plugins posted and am working on a couple more. It is a pain-in-the-butt not having a password (i can remember) or profile page.

    I submitted several emails to the support team about this, but as of yet have not gotten a response. It has only been a week or so, perhaps it will be forthcoming.

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