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  • Belldandu


    okay so i have a version of mybb installed in a custom location of my site
    when trying to install the forums plugin it says it installed but that i need to go to the control panel to install still then i find out it installed in the plugin folder doesnt really make any sense……
    i want to integrate my forums in its custom location mybb version 1.6.10 into wordpress with single sign on and all ive had to delete the plugin several times this is becoming very annoying and its obvious that this plugin needs to know to use already installed forums location instead of just installing itself inside the plugins location

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  • Hi Kamijou Touma,

    According to all that I have read about this plugin, I think what you are looking for is the bridge for MyBB to WordPress. Unfortunately, the bridge doesn’t fully integrate with WP. So, if you want single sign in, you will have to accept the fact that this plugin installs a modified version of MyBB into your WP Plugins folder.

    They say they are working on the bridge plugin so that single sign in is possible but that it isn’t ready yet. So, unless you are a coder, we will both have to wait..

    I hope this clears up some confusion about the stand alone version of MyBB and this plugin.. And I hope the way I understand it is correct.. lol

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