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  • I posted about this a long time ago, but the issue is still here, even after the change in layout of the forum.

    Why are some users’ IDs clickable links to their website/blog, while other users don’t have this? I have the URL of my blog listed in my profile when I edit it, yet it doesn’t appear on my profile page, and my username is not clickable in the forum view.

    Could a forum administrator comment on this and give a definitive answer as to why some people’s sites are linked and others aren’t?

    This is a forum about software for producing a blog, after all, so most users will have a site to link. They may refer to problems with their site, so it’s useful to have a link alongside each post.

    If there was an anti-spam policy, I could understand no links being allowed. But why for some users and not for others? I’ve belonged to this forum for more than two years now, and have kept the same URL in my profile, so it isn’t a longevity issue.

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  • I think it’s a matter of having X number of posts in the last Y amount of time. If you post often enough, then your username becomes clickable and the url appears in the profile. If not, it doesn’t. If you stop posting, eventually it becomes unclickable again.

    I think it’s a spam prevention thing, as we get a *lot* of spam registrations here.

    Thanks for the reply. It would be good if it gave the relevant post count in the profile in that case.

    Anyway, I seem to have found a way to get my URL displayed in my profile!

    Well, I’ve made a few posts in the last few days (mainly about revisions, as you know!) and lo and behold, my site has just become linked!

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