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  • I am aware that this is not strictly an WP related question but I value your guy’s opinions.

    I am currently trying to implement a forum into my wordpress blog. I have tried installing phpBB but I am discussed with the way it implements themes. It makes it extremely hard to write your own theme.

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a small scale bulletin board that is easy to use, to manage and especially to theme.

    I have looked at IPB and vBulletin already but they are not free. I have also looked at BBpress but it lacks some of the features I will need.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • This thread here might help ya some.. =) There are some links to various ones in there.. =)

    Just did a search:


    Hehe..vkaryl =) Thanks for that..I’ll have to bookmark this thread quick for reference purposes then. =) Was just thinking about doing this lately.. of course.. INSTEAD of phpBB lmaO!!

    How about vanilla? Hang on, got to find the addy….


    Thanks, I will take a look at those. Right now I am looking at XDForum. Looks nice, and is easy to use.

    Thanks Again,


    XDForum is actually really great if you don’t need a whole bunch of bells and whistles. I have a working install on one of my sites, works fine, was easy to customize for look, is as secure as the wp install.

    I thought you were looking for industrial-strength, though, why I didn’t suggest it….

    Going by what he was saying, and what forum softwares he posted…I was assuming the samething vkaryl. =) And I thought of bbpress right away because it’s “easy” to impliment and stuff, but then I noticed he had mentioned that later in his thread..

    So I then assumed he wanted something with a “little more”, and yet had some more “possible” control like those “bigger” forum softwares, and easy to impliment.. =)

    I’m not sure though..I was thinking of bbpress myself…but yet want something with a “little more”…I might just go with XDForum to then. =)


    I vote Vanilla… clean and simple.

    XDForum is ideal for a lightweight application. I don’t know about using it for thousands (or even hundreds) of users, but for just a few it works great. It does NOT as yet have all those bells and whistles. But it’s secure – and that’s more important sometimes than anything else.

    You can see my install here: – you can read but not post (this is a place for me and a few friends left from the BG wars….) It was easy to “look” customize, and it works great. Editing posts is problematic (there’s an update, but I haven’t had time to apply it yet). It’s supposed to be 2.0 compatible, but truthfully I wasn’t able to get it to work with a 2.0 install, so that’s another reason I’m not “upgrading” my blogs.

    vkaryl, please excuse me while I slap myself for having one of those space cadetish moments lol! =) Stupid me just forgot what you said about that XDForum not having the bells and whistles in the post above my last reply.. =(

    Moooving on to another forum software option..hahaha. Maybe I’ll just check out the Vanilla like you and lleger were talking about then.. =)

    I dunno..I’ll just check some out I guess and go from there, just as long as it’s not phpBB again! LOL! =) (Even though I know that software like the back of my hand.)


    Heh, s’okay spence. Kinda one of those nights for me too.

    Sorry about the confusion.

    I was originally looking for a bigger, “industrial strength” board. However as I was looking around I came across XDForum and since I had never seen a plugin that did this sort of thing I figured I would give it a go.

    I played around with it and straight away liked the ease of use and ease to customize. The fact that it automatically fits into your WP template is a bonus.

    However, I am experiencing a few problems (maby the 2.0 isues vkaryl was talking about?) but I think I will stick with it and see what happens.

    Once again I would like to that you all.

    XD Forum looks nice… but its lacking a lot of features from what I can tell. Such as attachments, better avatar support, and sub forums. I would switch as soon as it lets you customize more of the settings.

    what about iceBB? also how far along is bbPress ..i use ikonboard now but was thinkig of upgrading to something else ..been hearing a lot about AJAX and think thats included bbPress ..dont know about iceBB, in regards to AJAX..

    i need to handle 600+ members min… any suggestions?


    I have not looked at iceBB myself. bbPress is alright (I mean they are running that here) I jsut think it lacks in a few areas. I for one dont like how when you post a new post it asks if its a support post (I wish that option could be turned off, if it can I dont know how), also sub categories would be a plus. I know bbPress is trying to be simple, but it would be nice if it allowed for a plugin syustem like wordpress does, so that way people could include attachments, or avatars… I have been looking for a while to find a forum software that works 100% with WordPress. So far I have found
    1. bbPress
    2. MiniBB ( but the addons dont seem to work well once you intigrate with wordpress)
    3. xDForums, still lacking in some areas as well.
    4. Vanilla forums, the newest build is SUPPOSED to intigrate very well… but I have not tested that myself
    5. Simple Machines Forums will work if you install the Enigma Mod pack.

    thanks sdenik ..the hunt for the perfect BB continues

    One wordpress forum oldtimer (not me) likes SWF from

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