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  1. j8h9
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Help. Can you consider improving upon the search capabilities? When I search the forum I get hundreds of hits, the list contains no dates. The entry may be five years old. I cannot identify until I click. Some of these old solutions are referencing code that no longer exists in the current version. Very simple functionality to add sort by date, etc. Cmon... with such a robust community of developers--can't we make the search robust? Thanks

  2. Unfortunately, the search is powered by Yahoo, and that's just the first weak link. Use a Google search structured as such:

    site:wordpress.org/support/ search terms

    You can use the search tools on the left sidebar to filter by date range.

  3. j8h9
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This is helpful. still don't see any search tools on left sidebar?!? I clock forum and then enter search in top right search box... Thanks

  4. The search tools are part of Google. Try the query above at Google, you'll see them.

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