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  • Everytime I try to add a forum plugin it keeps messing up my blog. When I active the plugin the blog just turns white, anybody know what to do? I been trying to add a forum for about a month now and can’t get it to work.

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  • The plugin most likely has a php error in it. If you request the file directly. eg .. /wp-content/plugins/ [plugin file name].php you will see the errors if there are any. If not you will get something like “undefined function [WP core function]”

    I still can’t get it to work, I am getting so mad. Somebody just do it for me haha : 0

    I have tryed every forum that would work for wordpress, and none work!!! Why me : (

    When you went directly to the plugin file, did you get any error messages? If not, make sure the plugin hasn’t turned off error messages with error_reporting(0);
    If it has, temporarily comment out that line and try going to it again.

    When I add the files, it always says…. [15:29:32] 550 Could not get file size.

    Failure to get filesize is often due to either the wrong path/filename or insufficient permission settings. The script has to be able to get to the file and needs to be able to read it, and most likely execute it as well.
    You could temporarily give the file 777 (0777, rwxrwxrwx) to see if the plugin then works, and if so, then tighten up the permissions as much as possible without breaking it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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