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  • Not sure whewre this belongs, but…

    When I first installed WordPress I registered to get an API key. I thought this also registered me for forums, possibly not. (Could someone clarify?) At any rate, in the process of updating to 2.6 I discovered that did not think I was registered. So I registered. (Again?) Now I can log in to make comments, BUT if I try to view my profile, I’m told that my login doesn’t exist. Furthermore, some forum pages think I’m logged in (this one obviously) but if I go to the home forum page ( it thinks I am NOT logged in.

    This might or might not be related. After the 2.6 upgrade, I tried to activate WordPress stats. It responded that my blog was not associated with my API key but it definitely had been. I added it and to my surprise, my previous stats history was still there.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? Am I okay now?

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  • Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers

    OK, there are a couple of different logins here.

    1. For your API key, you have a login at That would get you into the support forums over there, but not here.
    2. Then you have a login here on, which covers these forums. For some spam-avoidance reason that I’m not altogether clear on, when you first register, your profile may not be visible. Logging out and in again should fix that, I’m told. Your profile is visible now.

    If WP Stats is behaving itself now, you should be fine

    Thanks. All is well, WP Stats is working as expected. I’ll try not to get confused between the two sites again.

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