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    So can you please please revamp your forum area.

    It’s always a stressor to find the link of threads I’ve started. I end up going around in circles trying to find the area.

    Also, even once I find it, the snippets here, don’t tell me the name of the plugin for the thread, & I can’t click through every single link because sometimes I’m conversing with several devs at the same time.


    Thanks you

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    WordPress.org Admin

    In the upper right corner, where it says “Howdy, yourname”… hover over that.

    In this dropdown, you will find a list of various links, including topics you started, topics you replied to, things like that.

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    Ok, I found it finally, but I’m sorry, for me, that’s not intuitive at all. I feel there should be something under my avatar (no matter where I am on the site) that gets me to that area where I can see all of my support questions, comments, etc. instead of having to go under the learn, then forums area which I never would have even guessed to go to had you not told me. I’m HUGE on good GUI.

    Or, this area here https://nimb.ws/WK76Qr should have another link. I’m not sure what the purpose of having this list of topics I started without me being able to see all of the info like in the other forum area.

    And why does it only go back 9 months?


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