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  • So I spent most the day trying to figure out how to integrate a forum with WordPress. Then I realized the forums here on… sooo… anyone out there in land like to tell how they did these forums? I’m assuming is running WordPress…

    My guess, at least, on how I can go about doing it without installing a forum plugin is to create a “Forum” category with subcategories and limit subscribers to posting to only those categories… and then create a layout for it and what not…

    Anyway, I’m curious if the forums here are setup using WordPress and if so… just how it’s being done.


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  • This forums uses bbpress. For an “integrated” forum, have a look at XDForum, which works as a plugin for WP.

    hmmmm looks like XDForum has moved on quite a bit, will have to take a look at that.

    Ive had a quick glance at getting BBPress to use my wp_user tables but it just would let me login :/

    If you can wait about a week, there’s a real nice forum called Vanilla that should have WP integration…. check out (currently offline but will be back up very soon)

    i love vanilla and have been tracking its process since its first release.

    I would love to use it, but i still cant get my head around hoe the is used to intergrate it into wp_users :S

    She’s a beauty of a forum I agree 🙂

    If you need help, ask nicely at when version 1.0 is released in the next week or so. I’m sure someone will know what to do!

    Wow, thanks for the all the quick responses. I’m going to check out bbpress and if that fails, I’ll check out next. Thanks again!

    I’d wait for Vanilla. It’s going to be massive when it comes out 🙂



    Vanilla is now up for download at (check out the screencasts)



    wow looks very nice



    I waited for it and installed Vanilla. I must say — I like it very much, but no WP integration. 🙁 I’m going to try and fool around with it and get the two platforms to merge. If anyone would like to make a plug-in, that would be awesome… because I won’t make a plug-in. I’ll just muck up the current code until it does what I wish!



    I also needed an integrated Forum and never did find one that I liked. XDF and bbpress just didn’t have the features I needed. I ended up using punBB since it was very easy to integrate.



    madonnafl… try posting a request for this at as well 😉

    lots of people want to integrate vanilla/wordpress, but no-one has done it… yet…

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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