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  1. scooter8511
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I currently host my site on aominecraft.com
    that is where my main blog is. i want to use a forum, but i want the forums to be on a separate site, used as a subdomain. ergo, i want to go to, say, forums.aominecraft.com and then be at my forum, not with the /forums at the end.
    i am currently trying with bbpress and multisite, but i am willing to use any setup that will accomplish this.

    does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
    thanks for your time and help.

  2. Probably Multisite with subdomains.

    Install bbPress the plugin, and ONLY activate it on that site. Then toss in a plugin to auto-add new users from your main site to the subdomain.

  3. scooter8511
    Posted 4 years ago #

    thanks for the tip, but wouldn't that then have it so that the actual forum stuff would be at forum.aominecraft.com/forum ?

  4. Axel13
    Posted 4 years ago #

    No, not if you turn one of your blogs into a forum.
    I would not work with WordPress for the forum though, unless it is absolutally necessary to keep all users in one database. Instead I would use phpBB - http://www.phpbb.com/

    ex. http://forum.onewhole.eu/index.php - theme used: http://www.phpbb3styles.net/db/style/Attriuum

    I'm quite certain it will soon be possible to merge the databases anyway, maybe it's even possible already.

    PhPBB Bridge should take care of PhpBB but I don't know about 4images.
    and more from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=phpbb&sort=


  5. scooter8511 - You can change the slugs.

    In fact, there's an option "Prefix your forum area with the Forum Base slug (Recommended)"

    In your case, you can turn it off :)

    While Axel's partly correct, it's still totally doable with bbPress, AND you don't need any extra shenanigans to sync users. Which I don't even know if PHPbb works with Multisite....

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