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  • Welcome to being caught by akismet.

    When that happens, just hang loose and be patient. A moderator will turn it loose.

    LOL. Okay I’ll remember that for future reference.




    wheres the option to add a gravatar???? I dont see it in my profile 🙁

    I’m assuming they’re Gravatars which would be tied to your email addy. They need to be styled better though as they look kind of screwy in Firefox – overlapping.

    Hey Whoo, I never set one here so I’m assuming it must come from where I (apparently) set one up at some point in the dim past…

    ah wow that’s great. Why does this Spam filter think a totally technical answer might be spam? 🙁
    I’ve written 3 posts to a thread and was already wondering why nobody posts an answer until I noticed that they don’t show up when I’m not logged in (from another machine)
    Can I do anything about that?? Thanks. G.
    wonder if this one will go through…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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