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  • I have an urgent need for a good WordPress forum. A forum that is simple, user friendly, and which is made as a plugin.

    If anyone else have a similar need, please join in this thread, and maybe we can make a joint effort.

    Currently it seems there is only bbPress. This forum however lacks a lot of features and doesn’t seem user friendly to me at all. Also it isn’t a real plugin, and so it takes a lot of hassle to integrate it, and it doesn’t take advantage of built in WP features like the brilliant UI, image upload, etc.

    I found out that the well known WP contributor Justin Tadlock was actually in the processs of making a forum based on custom post types. This is exactly how I would do it, if I was making it myself. So I was very exited by this project. However, there has not been news about this forum for many months. His blog post about the forum is here:

    The best solution for me would be to help develop on Justin’s plugin, but my attempts to contact Justin has been fruitless. Now I simply cannot wait any longer, for my site needs a forum. So I feel like I have to do something. I fear that I will have to make the forum from scratch myself.

    I know that there are many others like me who also needs a forum plugin such as this. If you are one of them, please show your support in this thread. I hope that together we have a better chance of achieving this than on our own.

    Maybe we have to develop the forum ourselves? Maybe someone have some code that is already in the works, and that the rest of us might help develop on?

    Thank you!


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  • Currently it seems there is only bbPress.

    Really? There are plenty of others……

    I personally use simple:press, works great. But there are many. They are not CPT based like you are looking for however….

    bbPress also has a fair bit of activity going on it to make it a more seamless/integrated actual plugin……

    bbPress just lacks basic functionality and needs a lot of work before it should be presented to anyone else but tech nerds who have the experience to figure out how to use it.

    I tried simplepress but found, that it was anything but simple. I heard about many users having bad experiences with i too.

    Problem is that free forums are usually made by “nerds” who are typically good at coding but rarely have an understanding for UI design. Being a tech nerd you are very skilled using a computer, and therefore you’ll tend to like forums that can do everything and has tonnes of functions – like i.e. phpBB. My users need an extremely simple and intuitive forum however.

    So the ideal design for me would be the forum that Justin Tadlock is making, based on custom post types and therefore taking advantage of WP’s built in UI, image upload, etc.

    I hope that if there are anyone out there with the same need, we can team up and have a better shot at getting it done.

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    Problem is that free forums are usually made by “nerds” who are typically good at coding but rarely have an understanding for UI design.

    I feel the need to point out that WordPress is both free and made by nerds. 😉 I get what you’re saying, but you should think about this long and hard.

    phpBB was, once, made by free, bored, nerds.

    Justin? Nerd.

    bbPress is very young, and rough around the edges, you are correct. But that doesn’t invalidate its functionally or usefulness 🙂

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