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    What is the best way to create a form page in Word Press. I need to set up a form for registrations of courses and events. There seems to be no quick way of doing it.

    It needs to include drop down windows with fields to select from, text fields, email etc…everything that a form would need to gather a persons information.

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  • i find this plugin the best for forms:


    It’s been working well for you with little to no problems? I’ll give it a shot…


    Yes, I’ve had it since I started using wordpress a couple years ago. Never had a single problem.

    There are other form programs people like….. but cforms to me is the most powerful

    its got a small learning curve (at least to me) but once I got it, it was perfect

    Learning curve is the understatement! I have it up and running. I believe it’s going to do the trick and is very powerful. I’m soooo sick of learning curves! But, it’s a part of the process. The worst was learning Logic Pro when Emagic first put it out, but that’s another story.

    Maybe you can shed some light on a few things for me.

    1) I got this message: “It seems that your ROOT directory for WordPress is /mtec. cforms tried to auto-adjust its settings accordingly, however if you still encounter issues with Ajax (form submission & CAPTCHA reset) please open the file js/cforms.js in your cforms plugin folder and check the sajax_uri variable. (After changing the file, please emtpy your browser cache!)

    I don’t know how to correct this…

    2) How do I input my information values in a “select box” filed?

    3) Once the form is complete, how do I get it onto my page? Were do I find the code at or however it’s done.

    1) my site also displays that message. However I am not having the issue. My forms submit fine, etc. you’ll have to test your form once it’s set up. That file will be located in your plugins folder in the cforms plugin (so….that msg may mean nothing to you….it’s just a generic warning when you are installed on a subdirectory/domain)

    2) select box field? Like a check box array, or a dropdown?

    3) once the form is done and saved…you will have a cforms icon within your post/page editor that will give you the option of inserting the form into the post/page

    Ok, to my first questions answer. I do plan to check and test the form once it’s finish

    LIke a dropdown

    Very cool on having the cform icon on my post/page editor…that’s about the easiest thing so far LOL!!!

    So I think putting my values for selection in a “dropdown” is my big issue now. How do I do that? In short if you can, if not point me in a direction. I’ve been on the developers site. Maybe I’m just moving to fast today and flying by things.

    Thanks again!!

    looks to me like in the cforms form settings….you add in a new field, and under type select ‘multi select box’

    That’s a guess….I’m playing with it now

    There is a section in Help->Configuring form input fields->Multi Select Boxes that explains it

    Entering Choose Color#red#blue#green#yellow in field name

    would get you a drop down named ‘Choose Color’ with the options red, blue, gree, yellow

    there is also a wizard, once you add the field to your form theres a little icon you can click

    Yes I saw and tested this: Choose Color#red#blue#green#yellow

    But were to put it seems to be the issue. Were I placed it only put it in with the name of the select boxes field name..

    I’ll keep cracking at it. Please let me know if you come up with anything as you’re looking around.

    Thanks much!!

    Heeeey Got it!!!! Thanks for the pointers…time to configure this and move on to make sure it’s emailing and communicating!!!

    Thanks again,


    Ok, I’ve gotten the form tweaked and tested. All is good! My only problem is I don’t want the WP comment box at the bottom of the form. How can I get rid of that?

    I think I’ve tried everything…..

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