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  • Hey,

    I have a CF7 on my website which is mapped to submit the data to Pardot (which then communicates to SF, etc etc).

    I just noticed that I’ve been missing out on some submissions but I can’t find a pattern for it. I also have Flamingo installed and this how I found out that some leads were not being sent to Pardot but they were being recorded in Flamingo.

    As I said, there is no pattern for them, they happen at different timings of the day, different weekdays, there is no fields left blank, etc.

    How can I found out what is happening? It’s not a lot of them (18 out of 170 were over 4 months) but some of them are hot leads and that is a business opportunity that I’m missing out. Right now the only that occurred to me was increasing the Request Timeout to 30 seconds…

    I’ll be thankful for any input/advice.

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  • Plugin Author zaus


    Good question. Maybe check your spam folder for “3rdparty Failure” notices to see if something went wrong? You could also turn on debug mode to get emails records of what’s sent and Pardot’s response — maybe it’ll be helpful and indicate why they’re being rejected?

    Ok, so I turned on debug mode and now I actually have one email that fits in the criteria, what can kind of info show I be looking for in the email to understand why wasn’t it passed to Pardot?


    Plugin Author zaus


    What’s in the response from Pardot? There should be a big chunk of the email starting with “*** Response ***” and “WP_HTTP_Requests_Response Object”.

    My guess is that Pardot is just timing out or the service is periodically failing, or there’s something particular about the missing submissions that’s causing Pardot to reject the submission.

    If the service submission was failing in a generally detectable way (i.e. it fails your “success” clause or doesn’t return an HTTP-Okay response) you should have been getting emails with a subject like “CF7-3rdParty Integration Failure: YOURSERVICENAME”, which is why I also suggested checking your spam folder. But if Pardot is returning a regular HTTP response that just contains an error message, and you’re not checking for a success message, you wouldn’t see these emails.


    I wasn’t getting any error emails before but after adding a debug text on the Success condition saying “Sent to Pardot”, I now get the failure email when that entry is not sent to Pardot.

    The response I get in this failure email is the following:

     [reason] =3D> Could not locate success clause within response
        [safe_message] =3D> Success Clause not found
        [clause] =3D> Sent to Pardot
        [response] =3D> <followed by the page html code> 

    Am I doing this wrong? Should the success condition be some kind of specific text string? It’s happening randomly, 2 out of 8 doesn’t get sent to Pardot.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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