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  • I’m an admin for a blog on our university’s WPMU service. I would like to have a form on one of the blog’s associated pages but when I put in the HTML from our form, the WP editor strips most of it out. I have a forms processing script I can use on my department’s server, so it’s not like I need that inside of WP. I searched the forums and found a couple similar questions and the answer was to use a plugin. I am not in a position to install any plugins into WPMU which is hosted by another department on campus, and I am really hoping there is a way to just have a form as part of the page content. I’ve tried to find info on this in the Codex but I just can’t seem to find any tricks that would let me do it. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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  • You should be able to set up a page template with the form html in it. Then select that template when you need a Page with a form. Note that if this works it will only work with Pages, not posts. I say “if” because while I know this will work with php code, I haven’t ever tried it with form html code.


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