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    I changed from Lycos to Strato. Backupped my wordpress files. Uploaded them to Strato. Started a new WordPress installation.Made a dump of my Lycos database php4. Imported the database in Strato php5. Got an error:

    # Tabel structuur voor tabel ai_cformsdata
    CREATE TABLE ai_cformsdata(
    f_id int( 11 ) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ,
    sub_id int( 11 ) unsigned NOT NULL ,
    field_name varchar( 100 ) NOT NULL default ”,
    field_val text,
    PRIMARY KEY ( f_id )

    Now my WordPress site on Strato is working. But:

    The posts and pages are missing.

    And concerning cformsII. It is working very well. Even my tracking data is still there. But my customised forms are gone! I have put a lot of effort in making this form and would like it back very much.

    I did not make a backup of the cforms settings using the backup function in cformsII.

    I see in the old database that the form can be found in cforms_settings. But when I import the database in Strato the cforms settings does not show the data of the customised form.

    How do I get the curstomised form back? I have no ideas anymore.

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  • It seems like the error you reported about the ai_cformsdata database table would be your problem.

    Did you get ever get that table imported?

    Maybe this suggestion will work–try and reimport just that table. Make a copy of the original database dump, then edit that file so only the MySQL commands to import that table are in the file, then use phpMyAdmin to import just that table.

    I got it working by doing what you also have written.! So that was it indeed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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