• somoswe



    First of all, let me congratulate you for this awesome plugin. Now i’m setting it up in one new wordpress but i can’t create more than one form. I need to create at least 3 (one per language: english, spanish & russian). I can create 1 (add row), and configure everything (the option GET & POST seems to be disappeared in fact)…but when i clic at “save” the new form just disappears. What can I do to fix this and create one more than 1 form.

    In other way, I have quite the same problem when I create the data for the forms. It seems to have a limit of data/fields that i can have (17 maximum…if i create one more field one will be erased randomly).

    Excuses for my bad english. Hope you can help me to solve this problems. Thanks


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  • lnewkirk


    On shortcode tab under settings choose “Add Row” to add multiple forms.

    Sorry, after re-reading your post I see that is not your problem.
    I tried on one of my installs and could not reproduce the problem. Maybe a conflict with another plugin you have installed.
    Try disabling plugins one by one until you find the conflict.



    True! That’s not the problem. I also did the disabling plugins thing to see if one it’s in conflict but the problem is still there even with all plug ins disabled. I also tryed to uninstall & reinstall the plugin (via wordpress & ftp). Anybody knows what can be?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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