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  • hi ladies & gents

    is their an easy (as im an idiot) way to make a form and then integrate a payment on submit option something like i found

    basically i could create the form using cforms II but how do i get a paypal checkout for the items and also associate the prices to each item?

    would it be easier just making a shop with wp commerce?

    OR? any other suggestions, its just for a list of education materials for people to order and pay for when they come for a course…

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  • i’m searching for this too.

    i bought wp commerce, i can say it’s not ‘easier’ for sure. its for more complex handling of funds/management.

    there must be another way.

    nicknormal, why did you buy wp ecommerce? the free version does what most anyone would need, especially in this situation.
    its not very hard to set up at all, and supports selling downloads.

    it might be overkill though, did you do a search for paypal wordpress plugins? im sure there are plenty. i found another one quickly in the plugins section of this site

    i dont know enough about what you need it for to suggest which would be best.

    I know exactly what you mean. That was the requirement I had when I went looking, but I couldn’t find anything that was a good fit. So I ended up writing it myself to complete a paid-content site I was developing based on WordPress. I’m now writing some documentation on how to use it and releasing it at


    • restricts access to posts and pages hosted within WordPress to subscribers (degree of restriction is configurable)
    • allows users to subscribe using either their PayPal account or by completing a credit card form while remaining on your site
    • users manage their subscriptions within your site
    • integrated with PayPal backend for billing (no need to obtain a Merchant account to process credit cards!)
    • is a true WordPress plugin built specifically to combine WordPress and PayPal into a subscription-based publishing platform
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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