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  • Hi.
    Thanks to almostdaniel for this plugin.
    I need to add new functionalities to it so i’m working on new improvements and functions.
    To download: formpress 0.4pre
    Forum to talk about this version. (or here).
    I’m still working on this version so it has bugs. 🙂
    After installation it needs to manually run sql in changes.txt (when i finish i will integrate this on installation).
    Actually there is a bug on textarea (wordpress and plugin) and when it adds to the code it breaks that textarea that show the code.
    In wordpress posts i’m usingin manually forms created:

    <?php echo '<textarea id="1-1" name="1-1" cols="40" rows="6"></'.'textarea>'; ?>

    If i use the [formpress_form:1] tag it doesn´t have problems.
    Thanks for your support 🙂
    Byron H.

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