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  • Hi

    I have a site that was built for me by a WordPress developer.

    I’m trying to build a survey using the Form Manager. The survey includes different kind of choice lists (checkboxes for multiple choice, single choice list, radio buttons, etc.).

    When I answer the survey from Internet Explorer, all works just fine, but if I answer it using Chrome or FireFox, I encounter the following problems:
    1. Once an option was chosen – it cannot be changed
    2. Checkboxes – I succeed to choose only the first one
    3. Generally, there are some fields in which it is quite difficult to choose the options, except for the first one. I need to click it few times until it “catches”.

    Although I’m not the one that built this site, I’m coming from a strong technical and programming experience, so don’t hesitate to response – any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced

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  • Hi

    I realize now that my problem is not exactly the one above.
    I encountered a problem of serious text overlaps and thus I added empty notes between the fields in order to improve the display (I thiught it’s a creative work around 🙂 ).

    what happens now, is that the notes overlaps the radio buttons etc. and this is the reason that I can’t choose them.

    So – my question is actualy:
    How to avoid text overlaps?

    I saw a post about it a year ago – is it solved already?
    Is there some anlternative?


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