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    I have created forminator registration form with google captcha v3. We need to save the user information and redirect the user to Payment page without authenticating. After payment we need to authenticate/activate the user and send the welcome email which I am using for other sections from woocommerce. How can I achieve this? I had set up the forminator registration form setting with out login option and the page is redirecting to payment page. How can I activate the user and send the custom email after payment confirmation. Also I am not getting the welcome email in my registration form setting in forminator. How can I send this email after the payment confirmation.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @bvk69varghese

    I hope you are doing well today.

    Do you want to redirect to the payment page on the same domain or some 3rd party domain? In both cases, this will be not possible to save user information. You can only pre-populate values from form to another page where next form from Forminator exist: https://wpmudev.com/docs/wpmu-dev-plugins/forminator/#pre-populate-form-field-values

    But I guess there will be no point to collect data and use 2 forms to accomplish membership and payment as you can do all of this in 1 form. To do that you can build form with Paypal or Stripe payment:



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    Can you please tell me/share with me how to pass the forminator registration form to another page without login. How can I activate this user after completing the payment and automatically login? Please do the needful. Thanks

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    Hi @bvk69varghese,

    I hope you are doing well today!

    To accomplish your needs, you will need a custom solution, as Forminator do not support such advanced functionality out-of-the-box. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you could build a solution like this:

    User registration
    You can make use of the Forminator plugin to create a registration form where users can fill in their details.

    User account status
    Add a custom “is_activated” user meta field to the user’s profile during registration. By default, set “is_activated” to false. This ensures that while the user account is created, it is not yet active.

    Redirecting users
    After collecting user data from the registration form, redirect the users to a payment page where they can complete their payment.

    Once the user completes the payment, you’ll need a function or a logic to listen for a successful payment response. This response should come from your payment gateway.

    Activating users and auto-login
    Once you receive a response that the payment was successful, your function should then change the “is_activated” user meta data to true, activating the user’s account. You can then auto-login the user by setting the user’s authentication cookies.

    Please note that there could be various ways to achieve this functionality and the above is just a simple illustration. You may need a good understanding of PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, and possibly your payment gateway’s API to implement this. If you’re not experienced in these areas, I would recommend hiring a professional developer to help you with this task.

    Kind regards,

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    My Question is how to pass the registration info to payment page? To get the registration form info, can I write any function in my functions.php file? OR any forminator add action file I can run and get this info? Please help. Thanks.

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    Hi @bvk69varghese,

    I’m afraid, it isn’t still clear regarding the workflow. By a payment page, are you referring to a custom payment page?

    If yes, you can check our documentation regarding different methods you could use to fetch submissions:

    However, the above will require custom coding to implement and to activate the user after payment.

    If you want to make the payments within Forminator, then another workflow you could consider is to use the Pre Populate feature:

    And use two forms, one form to capture all the submissions and 2nd form would be a user registration form with a payment field.

    You could redirect to the 1st form to the 2nd form during submission and pre-populate the fields submitted in the 1st form to the 2nd form as mentioned in the existing doc.


    Please check and let us know if you have any further queries.

    Kind Regards,


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    Thanks for your answers.

    I would like to do the following in my registration form.

    1. When I submit the registration form I need to send the form info to the redirect page(payment) without saving the info to db. I will save the data to DB once the payment is over. Now the forminator registration form is saving the data to db first and logging out if I set the forminator set up as logout after registration. a. How can I get the form info directly on the redirection page? b. How to block the data save option in Forminator registration form? Could you please help me on this? My main issue is I am getting bot registration even thoough I am putting google v3 captcha. Please help me to resolve the issue.

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    HI @bvk69varghese

    Thanks for response!

    I’m not quite sure yet if that would be possible but I may still be missing something from your desired workflow.

    But in general:

    1. To avoid Forminator saving data to the DB you simply disable that option.

    To do that, enter the form for editing and go to “Settings” tab and at the top you have “Store Submissions in Database” option. If you switch it off and save settings, submitted form data will not be saved in Formiantor’s “Submissions” (Forminator -> Submissions).

    But all the data necessary for user account creation will still be added to user-related tables in DB – as this is how registration process works.

    What you can do here is to set “User Account Activation” option to the “Manual Approval” (in “User Registration” settings of the form) in which case even though account data will be saved, account will not be active until you as admin activate it manually (or using some custom code executed upon payment) so that new user will not be able to login.

    2. If it comes to passing data on submission, Forminator does that using “Redirect” behavior. In “Behavior” settings you set after submission behavior to “redirect” and you can include form fields as URL parameters. Though that should only include basic data that’s not “fragile” (e.g. not user password).

    3. I’m not sure about your payment form then – that is some 3rd-party/custom solution or you mean using another Forminator form?

    On the other hand, is there any reason not to simply use Stripe or PayPal payment built-in into Forminator directly on the registration form? Payment would need to be done then in order to submit the form so until it’s done, no data would be saved at all anyway…

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Support Nithin – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @bvk69varghese,

    Since we haven’t heard from you for a while. I’ll mark this thread as resolved for now. Please feel free to re-open the thread if you need further assistance.

    Best Regards

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