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    Working to get Popupmaker wrapping Formidable forms.

    All good except pressing the formidable submit button closes the popmake popup.

    The one click submit and close is great when there are no form completion errors to fix, but when formidable needs to refresh to show validation errors, it cant as its hidden with the popup close.

    I’d be happy with a two step process user presses formidable submit button then press popmake close button, but I cant stop the window being torn down.

    Any workarounds ? I know Formidable isn’t on the supported list but its paid for so gotta make do. thanks.

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  • Plugin Author danieliser


    @hbaumhardt – Are you showing the form using an iframe? See this doc:

    The problem with Formidable (and this may have changed, haven’t checked, don’t get a lot of requests) is that it doesn’t support ajax submission. Or submission without reloading the page. Since popups are not loaded on page load it appears to have closed, but really the page refreshed.

    Using the method in that doc solves this, but requires manual closing.

    I am working on a solution by adding a hidden field to all forms inside popups. If the form doesn’t use ajax when the page reloads we will detect the hidden field was submitted and force the parent popup to reopen immediately on page load.

    Kinda hacky but will basically allow full support for nearly any form :).

    May even work it out tonight since kids will be away :).

    OK that’s awesome popup/form knowledge, and yes it looks like formidable does use ajax …

    AJAX (“make stuff happen in the background without a page refresh”) Load and save form builder page with AJAX (“recommended for long forms”)

    … but from observed behavior not so much. Appreciate the iframe suggestion and will run with that until there is a sweeter solution.

    PS it took a stack of messing about to get Popup Maker working with Kriesi / Avia / Enfold theme buttons. For record to enable Custom Css Class its simply: add_theme_support(‘avia_template_builder_custom_css’);

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @hbaumhardt- Sorry to hear it took so long. You should have checked out our docs ;).. Try method #3:


    AJAX (“make stuff happen in the background without a page refresh”) Load and save form builder page with AJAX (“recommended for long forms”)

    That to me means that the form editor works using AJAX, but doesn’t say anything about the forms rendered for your users to use using AJAX.

    If you have the Pro version of Formidable, there is a “Submit with Ajax” option that is useful when your form is inside of a pop-up/modal.

    Just FYI.

    Yup I have the pro version with ajax submit which does fix the error validation updates, but the popup still hides/closes on a valid submit so the user never sees the success/completion message.

    I haven’t run into this with other pop-up plugins in conjunction with Formidable. You could check out our modal add-on if you would like, but I’m not sure that it offers the same features that Popup Maker does.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @hbaumhardt@jamie.wahlin may be able to jump in here with a quick answer, but with most of the other form plugins and I assume that Formidable likely does too have a way to show a confirmation text.

    In gravity forms for instance you can send back JavaScript in your confirmation which can be used to close the popup with a delay.

    If there is a way to do something like that with Formidable I would be happy to document it and add them to our officially supported forms list.

    @jamie.wahlin – If you guys are willing to work with me to get full support out of the box then I will be happy to make needed changes on our end and get you on the list.

    I am working on some methods of working even with non ajax forms so that may be useful to your free users as well.

    To see the action go to and press the green “Online demonstration” button.

    If you submit a valid form (feel free, we trim out non target customer stuff) and then press the green “Online demonstration” button again you’ll see the completion message.

    I’ll check with formidable on how they update the completion message.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @hbaumhardt – Just tried and everything seems to work great, except the popup doesn’t close automatically, just get the thank you and it stays open.

    As for pressing the button again and seeing the message still, that is to be expected. Without functionality to reset the form the content of the popup stays the same until the page is refreshed.
    IE when you close a popup it just hides in the background.

    Hope that helps.

    The problem was caused by “Lockdown WP Admin” that hides wp-admin page.

    Disable it and and I get the great expected functionality from Popup Maker + Formidable.

    Appreciate the great product and all your help. cheers HB

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @hbaumhardt – I am confused: How does that play a role in causing the issues you reported. I wasn’t aware of any issues in the admin, or did it also prevent ajax from working?

    Zero idea how this stuff works, but I can 100% reproduce the failure mode:

    A. Enable “Lockdown WP Admin” and a Formidable valid submit closes Popup Maker window. Fail

    B. Disable “Lockdown WP Admin” and a Formidable valid submit does not close Popup Maker window. Success

    Just rinsed and repeated that 3 times …

    In either case the validation error ajax updates works fine in-form. There may be a clue in the Formidable folks trying to test Ajax on the \wp-admin URL which was hidden/disabled, but that would be me guessing and I don’t do guessing.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @hbaumhardt – Awesome! Happy I could help you out. Btw, If you have a moment, I would very much appreciate if you could quickly click that it Works for you and rate the plugin, just to help us spread the word.

    useful thread – had the same issue – submitting formidable form using AJAX did the trick!


    Plugin Author danieliser


    @bill-karkavos – Awesome, be sure to please take a moment to click that it Works and to rate and review the plugin or support.

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