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  • I run a wordpress site that has a plugin name Fomidable. The company uses this plugin for their forms and it keeps a pretty good entry system and such. The problem is that recently, the plugin was upgraded which was a horrible choice on my part because some of my forms that were running wonderfully are no longer working.

    I have thought of uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it except for the fact that the tracking data for the company would be removed and re adding the entries would be quite a process.

    Is there any way in this world to go back from a plugin upgrade? I simply in a magical kingdom want to go back before I upgraded the plugin.

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  • You might want to setup a test region to work this out in first.

    Most plugins that I have seen, when deactivated, do not remove their data.

    If you need to revert back to a prior version, you can find those here:

    You should install this manually after manually removing the current upgraded plugin.

    Before you do anything, though, Backup. Backup. Backup. That is never said enough. 🙂

    Amazingly, that did not work. I receive the indication that the plugin needs to be upgraded, but the Javascript for the form to be sent to different companies depending on the “location” drop down still does not work (it stopped the day of the upgrade) and the calendar popup that likes quite a lot is not active as well. It really is the strangest thing considering that I uploaded the older version.

    Meanwhile, I am literally having to forward the entries as they come in. Poo

    What version of the plugin were you using and what version did you upgrade to?

    You either have a javascript conflict, or you’re only running the free version while expecting the pro features. If you are a pro user, please log in and post in the Formidable pro help desk.

    I started with 1.05.02 and upgraded a few days ago to the newest version. At that point, the calendar went and the java stopped. I am using the pro version.

    The main situation is that this form is being used for a company. They receive reservation for rental cars all throughout the day. The java was working perfectly until the upgrade.

    Not only is there the java issue, but, if I completely remove the program and reinstall, the company will lose the entries and graphs that are already established which is over 300 at this time.

    If you are running the pro version and the plugin’s authors offer support, then that is probably the best place to go.

    I started with 1.05.02 (java and calendar working well), upgraded to 1.05.03, 1.05.04 with no problems or confusions. It was when the update to 1.05.05 occurred that it all went crazy.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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