• This plugin used to be a premium-only plugin that you had to pay for. 150 USD for two sites.

    Now, its all here for free and could be described as a self hosted Zapier alternative.

    What does it do? It uses triggers like “User registration” from the WordPress Core or functions from other plugins like Learndashs “Course enrollment” and lets you assign one or more actions to. For example: If (triggers:) the user registers via a certain Gravity Form (plugin) (for example form for trial periods), then (actions:) add a role to the user and send a seperate E-Mail to his E-Mail-Adress. The Pro-Version would even give you triggers based on certain form field values.<br><br>
    The list of plugin integration is increasing steadily. Some have more triggers and actions than others. For example the integrations for Learndash, LifterLMS and WooCommerce.

    It handles similar to Zapier. However, unlike Zapier, triggers and actions are stored and performed on site, on your own server. A self hosted Zapier, basically. And also unlike Zapier, user data will not leave the site and will not be handled and sold to third parties as is the case with Zapier.

    I would give it 4,5 stars, rounding up, because the number of triggers and actions could be higher for the free version and the step up the the pro version will you set you back 150 USD per year at the minimum, which is quite costly I’d say.

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  • Plugin Author Uncanny Owl


    Thanks for the review!

    I can definitely assure you that we have some really exciting things coming for Automator over the next few months that will remove the need for you to round up to 5 stars. 🙂 And do send in feature requests for things that you would find especially useful.

    And just a small clarification… the version that’s now free is the Lite version (previously $49) with some restrictions removed. Besides having extra triggers, actions and tokens, the Pro version supports functionality that the free version cannot, like Anonymous recipes.

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