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  • The use of the plugin is still good, but the former design was much nicer and a good additional contribution to a nice website design. Now with the new design the contribution to a nice website design is questionable and makes one think about taking the stars offline.

    Another problem is that the new design has other dimensions then the former one. So on the many pages and locations within the pages where I had placed the stars manually (for ex. in widgets or within text areas), they now appear out of place, not centered, etc. making pages even look worse. I would have to edit all affected posts and pages where the stars are placed manually, which is like impossible in the short run.

    Also the update was not working in a smooth way. Automatically – without active consent – the option to place the stars on all sites was activated. Also this didn’t work well on my site, so suddenly stars were appearing all over my site, destroying the site design.

    Luckily I found the reason – in the options I had to manually deactivate places where I didn’t want the stars to appear. But in order to prevent this to happen, the placement on all pages shouldn’t be done without plugin users consent and also it should work more reliably without possibly destroying site designs.

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