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    Webiste: (still being redesigned)

    Problem: The formatting when you format it in the post-new box is nowhere near the same as when it’s actually posted. We cannot center items and we cannot add spacing (enter, <p>, <br> all do not have any effect.) In addition, text becomes one font size bigger near images.

    I don’t know, is there anything to fix this other than a completley different page template? We want to avoid that because we modified this one to fit our needs.

    – Ben

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  • 1. Try turning off the visual editor entirely (Users->Your Profile->Use Visual Editor).

    2. WordPress tries to auto-format things for you if you don’t add formatting yourself, and it explicitly removes known bad techniques of formatting. One you mention is adding “spacing” by using BR’s and such. This behavior is considered incorrect nowadays, the correct way to add vertical spacing is by using CSS and stylesheets and styles and such.

    3. I don’t see the bigger font size issue on your page myself, but I suspect that it’s a simple CSS problem.

    Basically, you need to go through these various issues one at a time, trying to solve them all at once will get you nowhere.

    It’s still frustrating, because if I page source, I can see that the formatting is IN the page, but it’s not translating to what you actually see.

    Below’s the first few lines of the code as it would appear when posted, but when posted, it has the problems I’ve mentioned above.

    <div class=”postnew”><h2 id=”post-46″>
    <div class=”l-col2″>
    Santa Claws is Coming to Town</h2>
    <p class=”cat” style=”font-size:medium;”>By A. U. aka KhakiMan | Awesome Animal of the Week | Nov 26 </p>

    <div class=”entry”><p align=”center”>
    <img src=”” alt=”grizzly roar” align=”middle” height=”277″ hspace=”2″ vspace=”2″ width=”364″ /></p>
    <p align=”center”>Holy Jesus Christ</p>
    <p>Grizzly bears. Let’s be honest, I could probably end this column right there and it would have done its job. But being a professional, I feel obligated to continue.</p>

    I had a friend knowledgable in PHP go through it and doesn’t think it’s the stylesheet, but thinks it’s elsewhere, maybe formatting.php. Any telltale signs I should be looking for in style or formatting?

    I really can’t tell you what is wrong given the code you’ve posted.

    However, it appears that your DIV’s are unmatched and in the wrong places. DIVs are block level, they cannot be inside an H2. Also, your use of BR’s outside of P’s is incorrect, as BR is an inline tag, not a block tag.

    Basically, if you post valid code, it usually won’t mess with it too much. Not enough to break it anyway.

    Well, we’re looking more into the stylesheet and formatting.php. The error SEEMS to occur when we expand the column for content.

    BTW: align="center" is deprecated, “align” is not a valid attribute anymore. If you want to center, you need to use a CSS style, like style="text-align:center;" or something.

    So are hspace and vspace.

    I’m having the same problem. I get one long paragraph. Then I have to go back in to the CODE editor and hand enter all the paragraph breaks (I’m using <p>) and then it seems to put them in. It’s extremely frustrating.

    I’ve taken your suggestion of turning off the visual editor and will see if that solves the problem

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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